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Today we discussed theoretical approaches to studying “sex and society” and theoretical understandings of feminism…but what about colloquial (everyday) understandings of feminism? Do you think most folks think of “feminism” within the terms we discussed today?



What about this Buzzfeed quiz? Does it sum things up for you, or does it miss something?

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  1. When it comes to Feminism I think everyone does think about it. When it comes to me Feminism is something that I do not think about. Today in class was my first time hearing about Feminism. I still have question about what this term really means. The reason I believe folks still think about feminism is because my understanding of this term has to deal with women having equal values as men. This is still something that we see as problems in today’s society. For example, the idea women is suppose to be a housewife and the idea man is suppose to be the hard working man proving for his family. This is what I think of Feminism if someone could help me to better understand this that would be nice.

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  2. Yes, the term means many things to many folks–I think this year’s VMAs demonstrated as much. On Wednesday and Friday we’ll talk more about feminism, so let’s see if the term feels more grounded for you then, ok? In the meantime, you know that voiceover in Beyonce’s “Flawless”–the talking part that she samples in the song and that played at her performance on Sunday? That’s from a talk on feminism by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Here’s a link to her short talk. Check it out and see if it helps to clarify anything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg3umXU_qWc#action=share


  3. The buzzfeed quiz has one question.. How can something so complex be summed up by a single question?? What about all the different views and pioneers along the way who may have a slight variation in what they see or believe? I think a quiz with only a yes/no answer is a bit ridiculous, but in a way, I guess that’s kind of how society thinks. It’s really close-minded.
    As far as society goes, I think most people agree with the whole ‘yes/no’ terminology. It’s almost as if the advocacy for women and feminism are the same thing. I think we’ve skewed the views on what true feminism is in society today, and some people have a really blurred understanding of the concept overall.

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  4. People suggests that there are certain topics you should not bring up within a conversation: sex, politics, and religion. Any of these three can spark dividing views as well as a rather awkward moments to a otherwise previously enjoyable exchange of dialogue. Lately, feminism, is becoming increasingly close to the first three. Feminism when presented in an educated and well-articulated form is truly a topic worthy of talks in the marketplace of ideas, but today I think with the “pro-everything” trends, feminism is often misrepresented by individuals who are not necessarily the most educated on the topic that they are advocating for. Somehow it is easy to simply call oneself a feminists, for celebrities to simply stamp a song with pro-feminism ideals, further preventing any genuine understanding and appreciation of the idea at hand.

    The one song I am not afraid to admit that I have on my gym playlist is “Who Run the World” by Beyonce. I mean the beats is contagious, really hype you up for the final set of squats. But the lyrics are really what catches my attention. What if I changed it to “Who Run the World? Guys!” or “Who Run the World? Bros!”. Somehow the message feels forced. On the other hand, I have worked with numerous talented women within my internships who demonstrated all the qualities outlined within Beyonce’s song, but absent is the “in your face” mentality. Instead, my bosses, shows all the positives traits of what I consider to be feministic, strong, independent, commanding, bold, and so forth. Not surprisingly I actually consider them to be role models of mine. Actions do speak louder than words.

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  5. @Lyle Li I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on Friday, when we talk about Beyonce in particular and what’s going on with feminism today. What did you think about her VMA performance, and her use of the term “feminist” as a literal backdrop? Is it me or are the VMAs giving us LOTS of material for discussion in this class?…


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