What’s Sex Got To Do With… CHER?

Feminism: A controversial and yet somehow misunderstood concept in today’s society. Most of us agree that women should have a voice and should be treated as equally as their male counterparts. However, today, with the mainstream social media, pop culture, degradation of women, and sexual exploitation, women’s rights still seem to be suppressed. 

Feminism and LGBT rights together form a complex web of simple human rights. It seems as if we’re all inferior to the heterosexual male, and everything else is wrong. Bottom line. So where does that 67 year-old glam diva Cher come in? We’ve already accepted the fact that she’s a LGBT icon, fighting for the minority and sexual equality for years. But, where does she fit in with her other audience? In her 2013 single Woman’s World, she attempts to break the barriers of feminism and the idea of living in a ‘man’s world’ to give women their voice. She doesn’t use sexual underscores or themes in her music to appeal to the younger, bump-and-grind crowd. Instead, she uses a powerful and hard-hitting club anthem, with a lively beat to empower women to fight for what they believe.

“Tell the truth. This is a woman’s world. And I’m stronger, strong enough to rise above. This is a woman’s world.”

Also, a notable feature of her music is that she incorporates women from all walks of life, races, ages, and nationalities to make the music video. This helps give a more accurate representation that it’s ALL women ALL together, united. She suggests a more perfect world by breaking down all walls and living in unison. With all the different identities in the video, does she also say something about eradicating racism? She does a great job of approaching the problem in a powerful, liberating way. (Regardless, the newspaper wig might be a little bit much..) Take a look.


So, where does this leave the ladies? How does Cher compare to other feministic leaders, such as Beyoncé? What are the differences in the strategies the two use to get their message out? Is one more effective than the other? How does this song apply in other areas such as LGBT rights?





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