Quick reminder: The Vanderbilt Feminists (VANDY FEMS) is hosting an activism training workshop in conjunction with the Feminist Majority Foundation, in order to encourage folks to get involved with the VOTE NO ON 1 campaign.

WHEN: Sunday, August 28, 2014
WHERE: Buttrick Hall 205

You and a partner may attend for your Campus-Community Connections Project, if you’d like; just email Professor Chapman by this Saturday afternoon to let her know.

Here’s the event flyer:


What’s Sex Got To Do With… Dress Codes?

“Students, please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions about this year’s dress code policy” the Dean of Students at my high school closed with. It was always a meeting that left my friends and I angry and confused. They told us it was primarily in place to prevent distractions amongst the student body. Some of the policies made sense, like not wearing shirts with profane images. As the year went on though, we began to realize how gendered school dress codes really were.

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What’s Sex Got to do With…. Modern Family

Monkey see, monkey do.




Though this is just a silly saying, we are often victim to its truthful dictum. I often find myself going with the trend of the day in my choice of clothing, hairstyle, and even pastimes.

Our culture’s idea about what a conventional relationship is has been expanding for years. This expansion is influenced greatly by what we see in the media: specifically in the TV and movie industry. This is social constructivism: the idea that a dominant group creates knowledge or norms for another. Though this isn’t a bad thing, it can be very limiting especially when one is facing a situation in which they are out of the social norm.

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What’s Sex Got to Do With…. Mulan?

Through the movie Mulan, Disney has found an incredibly twisted way of generating and propelling stereotypes about the Asian male body while making young viewers believe they are hearing this from the perspective of that particular group. As Travis Kong discussed, there are two main ways that Asian male bodies are typically portrayed in films and world opinion, the idea of the feminine, smooth-skinned Asian or the Kung Fu master.



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Our course hashtag, #wgs160, has picked up a LOT of traffic lately. Have you done a Google or Twitter search for #wgs160 lately? You’ll find a host of thought-provoking articles and events that speak to the issue we study in class. You’ll find inspiration for blog posts, too 😉 Also, feel free to add the #wgs160 to your own social media updates or tweet @wgs160 to add to the course blog and twitter feeds!

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What’s Sex Got to do with…OITNB?

Just recently, Laura Morelli, a female writer for the popular Netflix hit, Orange is the New Black came out as gay after filing for divorce from her husband of 2 years. Despite her identifying as heterosexual most of her life, it wasn’t until she was on set with multiple, intimate lesbian scenes and relationships when she questioned her sexuality.

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