Who buys sex and whose can’t be sold?

Sex sells.

How many times has this philosophy been shoved in our faces through any number of social experiences?  From movies, to advertisements for food to clothing, and even books, we can not get past this historical moment where EVERYTHING (just about) is sold with sex.  Even the diaper advertisements in this country are sexualized!  Surely it has always been like this, right?

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Bisexuality Pride Week

If you haven’t yet attended any of the campus events to honor Bisexuality Pride Week, there’s still time!

September 26 at NOON: Bisexuality Day Celebration
Office of LGBTQI Life at the KC Potter Center (312 West Side Row)
Celebration of Bisexual identities!  We will have a bisexuality cake and great conversation!


Mary Lambert “Secrets” & life

Mary Lamberts song “Secrets” embodies many aspects of what we have talked about in class.  First and foremost, she talks about social constructions of a woman and how it ties in to the social constructions of sexuality.  She expresses how she does not embody the typical characteristics of a female in Continue reading


Quick reminder: The Vanderbilt Feminists (VANDY FEMS) is hosting an activism training workshop in conjunction with the Feminist Majority Foundation, in order to encourage folks to get involved with the VOTE NO ON 1 campaign.

WHEN: Sunday, August 28, 2014
WHERE: Buttrick Hall 205

You and a partner may attend for your Campus-Community Connections Project, if you’d like; just email Professor Chapman by this Saturday afternoon to let her know.

Here’s the event flyer:


What’s Sex Got To Do With… Dress Codes?

“Students, please feel free to contact me directly with any further questions about this year’s dress code policy” the Dean of Students at my high school closed with. It was always a meeting that left my friends and I angry and confused. They told us it was primarily in place to prevent distractions amongst the student body. Some of the policies made sense, like not wearing shirts with profane images. As the year went on though, we began to realize how gendered school dress codes really were.

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