What’s Sex Got do With…. Nudes?

So what’s the overall deal with iCloud?

For one, it’s an apple software that allows users to store contacts, pictures, and apps. This feature also allows users, whose devices may have become lost or stolen, to safely retrieve old data. Though, in this particular case, I use the word “safely” very loosely.

Ongoing investigation reveals that group members found ways to tap into people’s iCloud, and thus, retrieve the data saved on particular iPhones. The group essentially took their technological power further, and exposed the iCloud accounts of multiple people. Nude photos quickly surfaced the web, proliferating responses on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The pervasive act has spotlighted some of today’s most well-known and idolized figures: Avril Lavigne, Gabrielle Union, Hayden Panettiere, Hope Solo, Jenny McCarthy, Kate Upton, Keke Palmer, Kim Kardashian, Kirsten Dunst, Lea Michele, Mary-Kate Olsen, Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Winona Ryder and Dave Franco.

The famous figures responded very little to the exposures, but Union’s comment, itself, illuminated a viable argument:

“It has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures,” Union said. “I can’t help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them. These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.”

Is it true that woman are victimized in this context? How do the responses of men and woman vary and what sparks these differences in responses?

Well first, let’s look at the major responses of the female nudes:






As you can see, woman are portrayed as “sluts,” “whores,” and “attention seekers” due to the exposure of their own private property.

Now let’s look at the major responses of the male nudes:

But wait…THAT’S IT!! I browsed social media sites extensively to get the main consensus about celebrity male nudes. It turned out to be a major disaster for multiple reasons: Outsiders were not aware of the leakage of the male nudes, which explain the little reaction in the media, and the few reactions were mostly inappropriate compliments and gestures. Why are the negatives of male nudes ignored while the negatives of female nudes are highly regarded?

Men are basically expected to act as sexual beings. They are expected to act upon sexual impulse, take pictures of their penises, and overall claim territorial power over their partners. This is society’s expectation…this demonstrates the formulation of hegemonic masculinity and societal their role as the “male species.” If a male sways from this expectation then is he really a man? Is he really “masculine”?

To break these two differing reactions even further, societal norms and expectations mold the way people view the male and female nude photos; Moreover, it is easy to see that external forces are responsible for forming the one sides lens that people look into.

Let’s view an examples of how media and advertisement shape the way people perceive the ideal man and woman.

Even on a simple Eternity cologne advertisement, we get a glimpse of gender roles and how that applies to sex appeal. The illustrates what constitutes an ideal male: fit, stern, manly, and major sex appeal. On the contrary, the female succumbs to the male’s sex appeal and appears more passive, feminine, and elegant. To society, this is a good representation of woman. Let a woman stray from the linear relationship set up by society and she is called a slut and whore. Let a man stray from expectations, he is considered gay or a “fag” (fag discourse), but that’s another ramble for later…

In conclusion, lets travel back to the opening question to dissect the issue to its core: what is the origin of these particular responses? That’s relatively easy. Social Construction.

In a society that focuses heavily on gender roles, we see the lasting effects that these expectations have on the way people respond to displays of sexuality. Interpretations are de facto a tunnel created by the world around us. This cannot be emphasized enough!!

Do you think with time and, hopefully, the eradication of gender roles will influence the way people interpret this situation in the future? Do you think men have it easier when it comes to expressing their sexual desire and yearnings? Do you think a campaign about woman being able to freely act as sexual beings is a little obscure? What about a campaign that calls for the dimming of male’s reputation as sex hungry and horny?

2 thoughts on “What’s Sex Got do With…. Nudes?

  1. This is such an interesting post because it connects to our class discussions about the role of feminism and questions if acting on your sexuality is part of this. In this post you discussed that if a woman strays from the social norm, she is considered a slut, but in my opinion, she is just acting on her freedoms and desires. If a male does the same, it just solidifies his masculinity. As we continue to have strong female role models that are highly sexualized (Beyonce, Britney Spears, Katy Perry Nicki Minaj), the role of females in society might alter.

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  2. Cases like this are so aggravating–men and women do the same thing (send nudes), but receive extremely different responses from society. The women who sent nudes were immediately infamous and labeled as sluts/whores, while the men had next to no response (I wasn’t even aware male nudes had been leaked). It doesn’t bother me that the males didn’t encounter severe social backlash and judgment, just that the females DO. When expressing a wish for more gender equality, I don’t mean that men should face similar judgment, but that everyone should have a right to express their sexuality how they want to. Hopefully, influences like the strong female role models mentioned above ^, will help to gradually reduce the stigma associated with highly sexual women.


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