Does It even Help {{Gay Marriage}}

We all know, at one point in our lives-or for some, currently- how fun it is to be a “rebel”. Teenagers seem to be professional rebels. During this stage of ones life, it seems like everything you want to do, suddenly becomes what your parents are against.
Does this change? Maybe not.
Today, commercial advertisements are targeting gay people of all ages. Anti-gay advertisements are being publicly broadcasted in hope of stopping homosexuality.
The big question is, Does this even Work?

On page number 457 in the book “Introducing New Sexuality Studies”, we learn about Gay Marriage in Reese Kelly’s article, “Gay Marriage. Why Now? Why at all? In summary, the article talks about how big of a deal gay marriage is, and has become in the lesbian/gay community. The article starts off introducing gay marriage as a hopeless cause. However, the “hopeless” cause grew when three factors highlighted the issue: AIDS, a growing L/G society, and a growing middle aged L/G population. The article further explains the evolution from the 70’s to present day of the gay society. It highlights the discrimination through jobs and the many stereotypes. It also notes how many gay people in the 70’s came out, leading to a large middle-age population of gays in the 1990s. This meant many gay people, who were parents, divorced or trying to raise kids at the time, experienced discrimination through court and law. There was also military discrimination, with the “Dont ask, don’t tell” law, as well as many other discriminated social institutions. Shockingly, 9/11 was a subtitle in the article. As I read on, I learned that fear of the outsiders has a big impact on the gay community. Then the article goes on to talk about how the gay society is growing and how the government is becoming more aware that the whole “gay” idea is actually a real-live phenomenon that is not going to fade any time soon. Television shows and actual gay communities in suburban areas are highlighted.
Furthermore, on page 461, the book talks about if Gays and Lesbians should be aloud to marry. A quote that I personally found shocking was, “Many heterosexuals support gay marriage, just as some gays are passionately against it.”(Kelly 461) I had no idea that some gays are against gay marriage, and unfortunately, could not find any statistics that show how many gays are opposed to the act of gay marriage. However, the article did say that marriage norms are changing, and that “alternative family structures have poked holes in the notion that a nuclear family is the only legitimate option.”(Kelly 460). People that are against gay marriage are usually against it for one, two or both reasons. Some seem to be upset about the moral and social issues gay marriage may cause.  Others are opposed because they believe that the Bible claims that a relationship should solely be between man and woman. Those who are pro-gay marriage believe that marriage is a long term commitment between two people, and that so many gays and lesbians are already in long term relationships. They also feel that not allowing gays to marry makes them second-class citizens.
In the youtube titled “Gay Couples React to Anti-Gay Marriage Ads”, gay couples are seated in front of a webcam, and self explanatory, they talk about and watch advertisements trying to prevent gay marriage.
The reactions however had absolutely no negative effect not these couples. In fact, they all made fun of these ads.
One man talking about an anti-gay marriage ad in Florida- “Why are they- this makes no sense?”

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