What does sex have to do with Kim Karashian…



Back in 2007, Kim Karashian and her then-boyfriend, singer Ray J, turned on a camera and made a sex tape. Every since than Kim has became extremely known and famous. No one knew her before that got released. After the tape got released, she manipulated the media and won a law suit against him over it , which won her $5 million dollars (Hover). After pornography made world wide, Kim made her way into television having her own reality show and clothing company called the K Dash and the Kardashian Kollection.



People today make sex tapes with their partners, thinking they will never get leaked, and when they do there are lawsuits, tears and an upsetting experience. But in the world of celebrities when a sex tape and pornography gets released is possibly could be the best thing that can happen to your in your career. Some work hard to earn their fame but Kim on the other hand did not do anything to become famous. Kim gave her consent to Vivid Entertainment to release the video worldwide. Four years later she than sued that company making her receive a lot of money and than all of a sudden she became known and famous real fast.

A sex tape and pornography are very similar. A sex tape is made for a couple’s, for their own viewing and sometimes it gets leaked out to others. Pornography is a film with the intention of distribution and being sold. “Technically, all celebrity “sex tapes” are pornography, as they feature real sex and other “obscene” imagery intended to arouse the viewer.”(Abraham) Kim Karashian made this sex to get her name out into the world and for people to know who she is. In the article “Anal Sex”, in the book, Introducing the New Sexuality Studies, Simon Hardy emphasizes that “today pornography is no longer made on film or distributed through cinemas, but it’s a role as a means of discovering and defining sexual truth that been extended by new media technologies, such as video the intent, webcams, email links and so on”. (Page 110). Kim gave consent to put her sex tape out into the media and through the Internet so the world could be able to see her. The pornographic lens is required to entertain people and for the creators to make profit and to be known.

The sex tape made Kim Kardashian the woman she is today. Without it, no one would know who she is due to her entertainment she leaked out into the world. The real question is, is Kim viewed professionally today due to her sex tape that made her famous?


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3 thoughts on “What does sex have to do with Kim Karashian…

  1. I believe that Kim’s sex tape is the reason she became famous. The fact that the sex tape highly sexualized her body is what got the attention she maintains today. Even though the sex tape was released a few years ago, she is still seen as a sex object. Known for her big butt, the many relationships she has been through with famous men, and her promiscuity. Kim definitely portrays the “more provocative the more likes” from Sasha Belenky’s article “What I’m Reading: Sex, Teens, and Social Media”. She used her body and societies like for sexualized females to build a name for herself.

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  2. I love that you wrote this post about Kim Kardashian. Personally, I love the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, and my parents think I am crazy for keeping up with it. One thing in particular that this post brought to mind is the idea of complying to what fans want. Sex sells, and as we talked about in class, when Miley Cyrus went on the Ellen DeGeneres show, Elton John completely supported how Miley has changed her image. Elton stated on the Ellen show that, ”The whole purpose of the VMAs, when you have all these big artists competing against each other for attention, is to flatten the opposition. She flattened the opposition. Nobody talked about anything else except Miley” (ellentv.com). This description of Miley directly realtes to Kim Kardashian because the sex tape made her famous. Sex sells, and the actions by Miley and Kim K brought them both more fame than they had before their sexual actions. Why are the sexual actions of Kim and Miley thought of as “bad” because it brought them fame? If these women were allowed sexual subjectivity by the media, then their sexual actions would not be looked at as “bad” by society.

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  3. Regardless of whether or not Kim K got famous solely because of the sex tape, we should consider what would social implications would thrust someone like her rather than a certified porn star into the spotlight. What makes her so special? I think it all has to do with the excitement over something that ‘leaked’. Porn is out there 24/7. There’s nothing special about going online and pulling up a porno. However, it seems to be the ‘uh-oh she didn’t mean to’ aspect of her sex tape that made her famous. Society needs something exciting or fun to fuel desires. It’s evident through history (consider gladiators and knights). We haven’t changed that much. When an ‘oh shit’ moment happens, we all rush to see. It’s just one aspect of the social realm in which we live.


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