Whats Sex Got to do with… NICK JONAS

We all remember Nick Jonas from the movie Camp Rock that premiered on Disney Channel in 2008.. 6 years ago. We may also recall his “Burnin’ Up  Tour that sold out venues worldwide. You may be thinking, “What? There was a popular boy band in the 2000’s before One Direction?” Yes. Long forgotten, Nick Jonas has come back. And he is hot. What we do not recall about the youngest Jonas, is a beaming, totally hot, six-pack chiseled MAN. Yes, indeed a man. Deep voiced and all.

This past week, Nick Jonas modeled his abs in Flaunt Magazine. He apparently gained 15 pounds in order to play a role in a TV show as an MMA fighter and is also releasing a solo album soon. Where else did Nick model his abs? You guessed it, GAY BARS! Where else is a better place to flaunt a new bod? Rumors around media are spreading. Why exactly is Nick at multiple gay bars in NYC? I have no idea. Nick also made a tweet that he “loves his gay fans”.
In a recent Cosmopolitan interview, Nick spilled that he loves watching pageant TV shows, and some other interesting facts. Nick told the interviewer that his worst dates involve the person knowing too much about him. The person? Does he mean girls? Has he been on dates with other people? Interesting. In his interview with Flaunt Magazine, Nick said, “I really try to be aware of the purpose of each song…..There are songs on my record that I want people to have sex to, and songs people can listen to when they’re pissed off. And I think that’s the beautiful thing about music: that in those moments, you hear it and it elevates the scenario.”
Another interesting note about Nick Jonas is that he recently stopped wearing his purity ring. When the Jonas Brothers first debuted, they were known for their music, and good looks; and to the parents, for their purity rings. Nick told press that he still believes in God but does not feel the need to be judged based on his decisions. He still has many beliefs and not wearing his ring does not lessen his relationship with God.
Nick Jonas’ new video, “Chains”