What’s Sex Got To Do With… Niley?

Niley: Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus, aka the couple in 2008.

Within the past few years, Miley Cyrus has proven that she is no longer little Hannah Montana through her new music, “twerking,” and various interviews. The backlash and criticism she has received is endless: many of her fans and adults don’t approve of her embracing her sexuality and owning her body, especially after the 2013 VMAs. On the other hand, Nick Jonas, one third of the band “The Jonas Brothers,” has not, escaped his good childhood reputation… until now.

[Insert cliché “Boom! Pregnant” quote here]

Nick Jonas has officially proven that he is no longer a prepubescent Disney child star. Recently Nick did a photoshoot for Flaunt magazine to promote his new album. In this photoshoot (above), Nick is half naked, revealing his muscular physique and grabbing his crotch. Because he’s deemed as an attractive male, the discussion and comments made regarding these pictures is solely positive; he’s being complimented on TMZ, E! Online, and many 16-year-old girls’ Twitter feeds.

Unfortunately, the comments made about Miley aren’t nearly as kind. Trying to share her vulnerability, Miley posed naked in her video for “Wrecking Ball,” albeit without showing too much of her “private parts.” She did not make vulgar facial expressions (unlike Nick); instead, she included a close up of her crying, trying to express herself as a hurt woman and an artist. This video was labeled as “inappropriate and crude.”

The difference between what is accepted by society regarding male and female sexuality is absurd. If a woman decides to pose naked to prove a point or express her emotions, it’s wrong; but, if an attractive male decides to pose half naked while grabbing his crotch and making obscene facial expressions, it’s hot. Tolman’s argument regarding adolescent girls’ and adolescent boys’ sexuality perfectly captures what society deems as acceptable and unacceptable by both parties.

3 thoughts on “What’s Sex Got To Do With… Niley?

  1. I absolutely agree with you. When guys pose half naked we feel the need to look up to them and ask what their workout regimen is. But when girls do it we instead ask them what happened to them earlier to make them lash out like this. Nick and Miley were from the same Disney generation so seeing them side by side and how society reacts to them is shocking. But at the same time it opens people’s eyes who maybe weren’t aware of the disconnect. Hopefully this argument is made public and the inequality is challenged even more. I’d be really interested if Miley says anything about this.


  2. I went to Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour this last February. It was a blast. She was silly and sexual and it truly seemed like she was owning her identity in a way that was purely for her self-expression, and not necessarily targeted toward a male audience. Many of my friends say that they prefer “Old Miley”—the sweet, demure, and sexy Disney star. Sure, the new Miley makes more provocative statements than did her Hannah Montana character, but I honestly believe her new persona is an expression of her unique self—and I don’t believe she is trying to please anyone. So why is she so shamed by the public? Now that Nick Jonas has released these photos, women are fawning all over him and are thrilled that he’s taken off his promise ring. He is appealing to what the masses see as sexy, as explicitly (if not more so) as Miley, yet he is celebrated by the same people who shamed her.


  3. I found this blog post very interesting. It really does display the double standard that women are placed under as opposed to men. As Miley began embracing her sexuality, many criticized her. However, if she stayed as the sweet, innocent Disney Star, many would also criticize her for never growing up. And as Nick Jonas did similarly what Miley did to enhance his career, he was praised instead of criticized.


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