What does sex have to do with Brittney Griner….

Brittney Griner is the world’s most famous female basketball player. She can dunk over you and do not try to get to the rim because she will block your shot being 6’8” tall. She attended Baylor University for four years at college and than got the number one draft pick with the WNBA Phoenix Mercury. After she graduated she wrote a book “In My Skin: My Life on and Off the Basketball Court”. This book reflects on painful episodes in her life that led to her signature openness.


Brittney emphasizes in her book that she became bullied and taunted as a kid of her height and athleticism. She says, “Growing up, I always got ‘She is a man”. She struggled being bullied on the way she was as she grew up. Brittney knew she was different and was hard for her to express it. When Brittney was twelve years old, she had a vague idea of what gay and lesbian meant. She knew that when she heard them, she felt something inside her, a curiosity that made me want to lean more. Britney came out as a lesbian while playing at Baylor University even though that school had a policy against homosexuality and her coach kept telling Brittney to keep quiet about her sexuality (Ulaby, 2014).

Today Brittney is trying to let the world know that being different is okay! She has written a book and has talked about her sexuality over television and at events. The video below is showing how Brittney is trying to tell people all over the world to be yourself and if you come out to people of being lesbian or gay, that things will become better. By doing this Britney got a lot more respect and has became a role model to many athletes and fans of hers. In the article “Theoretical perspectives” in the section of Queer studies, Butler argues as we conform to gender norms, others will likely interpret our behavior as expressing a core gender identity. For example, most of us would probably assume that a male who looks and acts like a man is a man and this status is at the core of his identity. Butler suggests that there is no core gender identity that drives our behavior. The illusion of core feminine and masculine gender identities conceals the social and political forces that shape humans into gendered selves(Butler 11). Brittney Griner was bullied and everyone thought her she was a guy due to her appearance and her athleticism and everyone thought her gender identity was different than it actually was. How do you see and approach Brittney Griner?



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One thought on “What does sex have to do with Brittney Griner….

  1. I have grown up watching Britney Griner. She lived in the same area as me and we both play basketball so we ran into each other often. I am glad she is finally able to speak out and be a role model for other athletes. I feel like Baylor had no right to make Britney hide who she was because they had a policy of homosexuality. While watching the Baylor Bears and Britney Griner I would here my teammates say, “there is no way she is a woman check her pants” and until her book I didn’t know she was bullied so young for it. After reading this it makes me regret not saying anything to my teammates and it really makes me want to read her book.


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