What Does Sex Have to do With…. Lil’ Boosie

A social institution is a means of social, behavioral, and relationship patterns that are considered normal based on a collective consciousness, and a collective consciousness is the shared morals and beliefs that unify and label society. Social institutions would be media, family, religion, school systems, and friends. While all play a huge role in a person’s life, media has become increasingly influential over the rest because of its increasing availability. These days, people spend more time with their face glued to a screen instead of with other people or paying attention to what is going on around them. The biggest aspect of media that is heard everywhere and played on almost every channel is music and music videos. With that being said, I see media playing a role in sexuality influence and “sexual aggression”. How? In a Lil’ Boosie song, “They Dykin” (2009), it introduced a cross between rapping and showing love for girls who like girls.

“Two Red bones Kissing In Da Back Seat [4x]
Girl Dont Stop Keep Going And Relax Me
You Want Me To Join In Then Ask Me
I Like Girls Who Like Girls That Attract Me
Her And Her Friend Got Drunk And She Made A Move
She Lick A Gurl On Her Stomach And She Couldnt Refuse
Now She Confused ’cause She Like N****s Too. You Bisexual But Its Cool. She Made A Promise To Her Girl That She Wasnt Gone Tell Nobody One Got Her Hair Cut Off Now
They Cant Hide It Now They Dikin They Liking They Play With They Bath Before They Go To Sleep, They Lock Up Like Crab.

I Got My B**** Up In The Room Im Finna Rip Her A** Apart
Brought My Other B**** And Made Her Eat Her In The Dark Now They Diking They Diking.
Her and Her Friend Got Drunk Went To An Afterparty Couldnt Find No N****s So They Both Got Retarded Now They Dikin They Diking. [x2]

This song promotes homosexuality for girls and the stigma that girls who like are girls are what guys like. In one stanza, it gives the story of a girl who got drunk and now she is questioning her sexuality. At first the girl did not want to come out, maybe because of embarrassment or criticism from society, but soon decided to discretely come out of the closet where it’s apparent due to how a dyke should look, but not outright said. It also plays a role in rape culture with the vulgar words “I Got My Bitch Up In The Room Im Finna Rip Her Ass Apart”. Those words were very aggressive, and if one were to say that to a female, it would probably be the most disrespectful things ever, but because it is in a very popular song, then it can become involved in someone’s subconscious and they can end up doing the same thing and not even realizing where they got it from. Also, it shows younger kids listening to it that it is okay to talk and act like that towards women, which increases participation in rape culture because ideas spread.

How do the lyrics to this song make you feel as an individual? Do they resonate with you as just simply being a part of music or as a piece that influences homosexuality in women and rape culture?

One thought on “What Does Sex Have to do With…. Lil’ Boosie

  1. As academic scholars, I think it’s easy for us to label rap music as something that degrades women and has major influences on the existence of rape culture. Still, a small voice in my head tells me that these hip hop singer and rappers don’t mean any harm; they are embracing vulgarity and exploitation because that’s what is sadly mainstream. I think it’s extremely interesting how you draw attention to the stigma about lesbian acts being a sexually arousing thing. You don’t hear this same discourse, from female rappers and singers about men which makes me wonder…Why is that?


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