What does sex have to do with football?

Masculinity has ruled male sports for a long time now. This is what we expect and also is the social norm that we are familiar with. We look at sports like football and basketball as so called manly sports because of the amount of physically and masculinity that is apart of the games culture. But now days we have men who think they should be accepted into those sports were standards are set and not having these will make it hard to be accepted and a part of an organization. So are gays accepted into socially constructed sports? Does gay discrimination play a big part in our society today?


If you know about college football you should know about Michael Sam. In college he was one of the most feared athlete in college football. He attended University of Missouri, were he made his name and was a big contribution to a lot of the team wins. He was one of the top athletes and it was a shock to many people when he came out and reveal to the world that he was gay. This is a man that was the main attraction in college sports and was role models to young kids across the country. Would he get drafted? How would the league accept him? Does this hurt him and the long run? These were the question that I’m guessing he had to think about before telling the world he is gay. After he came out he went into the draft and was selected by the St. Louis Rams but later was cut. Some say that if he did not reveal his true sexuality he would have been taken earlier. What do you think? I am a big believer of doing things at the right time. I think that Michael Sam coming out penalized him and that’s why he was 7th round pick. This matter can relate back to the class book where Gert Hekma and Jan Williem Duyvendak talked about “The question of identity and politics today on Gay and lesbians. They stated “some gays and lesbians will now be open and visible, while others decide to stay in the closet out of fear of consequences”(Page 276). In this case, by him coming out he was discriminated against and looked at different. As of now, Michael Sam is still living his dream of being a Pro football player. Seeing that he is the current openly gay football player, the Dallas cowboys still gave him a chance to live out his fantasy. Even though he is playing on the practice squad, he is still making an impact of the team and they seem to like him despite him being a homosexual. Your sexuality should stop you by playing the sport you love!

Reference: Hekma, Gert, Williem Duyvendak, Jan “ The Question Of Identity and Politics” Introducing the New Sexuality Studies”


2 thoughts on “What does sex have to do with football?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article because I remember the day he came out of being gay to everyone and how he thought it would change peoples view of him and he chances of him going pro. Even though him coming out did affect the outcome of his chances to get drafted by teams he still did the right thing because he did not want to hide it anymore and he believes that being gay should not stop you from playing football and things you love the most. So I do agree with you how this penalized him for getting drafted so late but I believe he did the right thing and he is happy he did it!


  2. I found this post and article interesting because I was watching all the stuff when he came out as gay and on Draft Day when he was drafted. What I was really wondering was how did the SEC Co-Defensive player of the year get drafted so late? Was it because he came out as gay? If that is the case it is ridiculous that him being gay affects his athletic career. I struggled getting on social media the day he was Drafted because everyone was making a very big deal about him kissing his partner because he just achieved a dream(being drafted into the NFL) of his. I hope one day that these athletes or anyone who comes out gay can still achieve their dreams and goals without being criticized or looked down on by society.


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