What’s sex got to do with…Hope Solo?

With all the news surrounding the NFL and all the domestic abuse cases such as the Ray Rice case, the Hope Solo domestic abuse case has gone very much under the radar. Solo, the starting goalie for the US women’s soccer team, allegedly punched her sister and seventeen year old nephew during a party in June. Solo has recently pleaded not guilty and will stand trial in November.

The issue is that Hope is still playing for the US soccer team before the trial has occurred. US soccer has done nothing to discipline her in any way as the team continues world cup qualifying. Is there a double standard when it comes to domestic violence cases in terms of male and female? While all of the NFL and NBA players who have acted in a violent way toward a family member has been suspended in one way or another, Hope Solo has had zero repercussions. Although what Ray Rice did seems to be a bit more harsh in the actual force used to attack the victim, does the extremity really matter when it comes to sending a message and making a punishment? All behavior is learned from experiences, and with social media being so prevalent in our society, our children see these actions and imitate them. Little girls who don’t get what they want will attack a brother or sister because Hope Solo did it and she was not punished for it. Also, the lack of media coverage for this case has been astounding compared to the coverage that all the men have had.

The issue at hand is not a male vs. female problem, it is a domestic violence problem and in all cases, actions should be taken. Messages being sent to females about domestic violence is that they can get away with attacking a sister, husband, or parent because they are women. Sex and gender should not play a roll in how our society deems and punishes a crime. A crime should be looked at for what happened, not who it happened to.

Hope Solo

So why does this double standard exist? For one, most domestic violence cases are men attacking women which makes perfect sense. More women are abused and or killed from their significant other then men by a significant margin. The issue is simple… why does it matter who is acting in violent acts when all that matters is getting rid of the problem as a whole. If domestic violence was not a thing in our society, would so much be made about the gender and sex? This post is not trying to stir the pot it is to add more information to an already complicated issue.

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