After attending this class event I thought it would be a great opportunity to write an engaging assignment on it because I took a lot from it and also took some neat pictures from this gallery. This event called “I AM UN-BEATABLE is about everyone having the right to live free from violence. Our society today we hear a lot about domestic violence happening between relationships and married couples. This class event we looked and discussed domestic violence through pictures and a short video clip that was presented. This mission of I AM UN-BEAT-ABLE is to raise awareness, educate and prevent domestic violence against women and children through real stories of real people (http://www.iamunbeatable.com).


“Welcome to our website dedicated to people against domestic violence. This website is meant for many voices. Think of a round table about violence in the home. Lets share what we know. I’m a photojournalist covering domestic violence for 30 years, ever since I saw a man beat a woman and it woke me up. But this is not my story. If you have had experiences with domestic violence, we want your voice. We want the stories of people who know this. And we welcome photographers and artists who have something to show. Be open. Men are welcome. But don’t come here to blame women for something that you can confront as your own. Remember, if we want to end domestic violence, we’ve got to rattle the cage” (Ferrato, Donna).


After I attended this class I looked more into domestic violence and noticed that people all over the world can tell their stories for others to hear their experience. Maybe even help others out through this website and program to get help if they are going through domestic abuse. Even though our class mostly discussed and learned about Sarah’s story of her domestic abuse, there are thousand of people who go through abuse everyday and their stories need to be heard. So what exactly is domestic violence? Domestic violence is behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay, or lesbian; living together, separated or dating. Some examples of abuse include: keeping a partner from contacting their family and friends, sexual assault, stalking, hitting, name-calling, and other emotional and physical abuse (http://www.domesticviolence.org/definition/).


During our class event we focused mainly on a lady named Sarah. Her past years have made her stronger than ever because of what she was put through with her boyfriend. Going through the things she went through would leave a person traumatize and mentally hurt. Domestic abuse destroyed her for many years and she is still struggling from it today but is getting help and support from it. She decided to tell her story for other to become more aware of domestic violence. She became pregnant at the age 14. Her boyfriend than tried to take control of her because she was having his child and he wanted her to drop out of school first and than move in with him and his family. This was the first sign of domestic abuse that occurred. She listened to him and started doing what he wanted her do and than the abusing took play, which lasted for about 12 years. Sarah had two boys and they were brought up in the film and they both said if they would have stayed with the dad they would end up abusing when they grew up, just like he did. He eventually took her to court because Sarah left him and he wanted custody of the kids and their trial still is standing in the court today. She is taking care of the kids now and trying to help them learn from her mistakes.


One interesting thing that stood out to me at this event was that half the side of the room there were pictures on the wall that showed events way back in the day where domestic violence was very serious. Domestic violence was not stopped upon and how it even lead to death sometimes. The picture below shows an example of physically abuse and how men overpowered women. This is one of the many pictures that was hard to look at due to the violence that was captured. Another picture that stood out to me most was a photograph of a casket and that resembled the deaths due to all the domestic violence that has happened. On the other side of the wall were the pictures of Sarah and her two boys and I believe that side showed that there is life after domestic violence. Even though Sarah went through a lot with her boyfriend she fought to get out of the situation and now is not just trying to help out her sons to become more aware of domestic violence but for others to get help who are struggle with the same situation. Going into this gallery I had little awareness on the true definition of domestic violence. One thing that I took from this was it doesn’t have to be physical abuse for it to be domestic. Being mentally abused is harmful as well. It affects your heart as well as your mind. Hopefully it will bring more awareness to those who are afraid to break free and become un-beat-able








Ferrato, Donna , I AM UN-BEATABLE, http://www.iamunbeatable.com




One thought on “I AM UN-BEAT-ABLE

  1. From the past to now, domestic violence happens more often, but it is also covered up more. It gets covered up until the point it cannot be covered anymore. You never hear a case in the media until someone is seriously hurt or killed, and when it happens, there are jokes in social institutions about it. Twitter for example is the host of many jokes about situations that are not funny, but people underestimate the seriousness of it and make jokes. Even when dealing with sports, for example, the football player at FSU that under investigation for rape. People were upset with the girl because she reported him. People are beginning to look past what it means to treat people with respect, and maybe that is why for some people domestic abuse is seen as such a light issue. What do you think ?


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