What’s Sex Got To Do With . . . Cologne?

So…I don’t know about you, but it’s not very often that the smell of cologne makes me need sex, then and there.  However, many advertisements would have you believe that it does.  There are the go to Axe commercials with the hilarious depictions of women’s inability to control themselves.  Then there are the more “high-end” cologne advertisements like this one:

An analysis of these advertisements brings up two important concepts:  compulsory heterosexuality and Marxism.

First and foremost, if ever there was an example of compulsory heterosexuality, it would be found in a cologne commercial.  By that, I mean that literally every single commercial I can remember viewing has shown a man using the cologne and women subsequently fawning over him, usually with the implication that some form of sex will happen.  I am yet to see one where men are singing “Bow Chicka Wowwow” to another man.

Also, cologne commercials make pretty good examples for Marxism.  Marxism makes the claim that, once a society shifts to a corporate structure, the focus is placed on selling goods, and everyone knows the best way to do that is through sex.  What does sex have to do with cologne?  I have absolutely no idea.  And yet, consumers are shown this connection time and time again, as though it is obvious that sex is related to cologne.  Personally, I’ve never thought of incorporating cologne into sex or said “You know what would really put me in the mood/make this better?  Cologne.”

Is there a connection between sex and cologne?  Is this an effective marketing tool?  Or have corporations taken Marx’s ideas too far?  Do men actually expect this kind of reaction when wearing X cologne?


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