What’s sex have to do with …Baby Making Music?

Everyone likes to have sex to music right? Music makes the sexual pleasure better?

Sexual pleasure is the satisfaction a person gets when sexually pleased. Part of reaching these satisfactions are through attraction, techniques, and body connection. Social construction of sexuality is defined through pleasure. Understanding sexual pleasure means understanding sexual norms. Knowing what stimulates a male or female is based off the cultural norms. Over time, generations have changes the cultural norms in relationship, in particularly, marriage. The purpose of marriage isn’t based around love anymore.

In the “Change and Continuity in American Marriage” article by Erica Hunter, she explains how marriage has changed over generations. As child, we dream of eventually falling in love with someone of the opposite sex, marrying them, and raising a happy family of our own. Sociologist argue that marriage is becoming deinstitutionalized, or that the institutional roles of marriage, such as creating household units, having and raising children, and providing a basis for learning gender roles, are increasingly being replaced with a model of marriage as an institution designed to fulfill personal development (312). Meaning that love isn’t agreed upon for love, but for purposes that will help a person benefit personally.

Here is a link to a few “baby making songs”.


You ever heard the term “baby making music.” This is a term that many African American adults use to describe a song used during making love. It is usually referring to a couple that is making long, slow, intimate love trying to learn each other. Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Barry White are the best at making slow jams. Their music from the 1960s is what a lot of 90s baby’s listen to, trying to feel the feeling that their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents felt when in love. Marriage to them was at first a bond. A relationship where love was the foundations and sexual pleasures were an extra. The love songs were about learning and getting to know each other. In today’s society, love songs are all about male sexual pleasures. Females are supposed to be the submissive. Marriage isn’t done for love. Today, marriage is done for money, reputation, or personal goals. Divorce rates are increasing due to these reasons. Everyone dreams of their fairytale story but doesn’t know the proper way of getting it.

How has society changed relationships and marriages? Does love even exist anymore? How can music help change today’s cultural norms of sexuality?

2 thoughts on “What’s sex have to do with …Baby Making Music?

  1. Paris, I think you make some great points in this entry and I agree with all of them. “Baby making” music was and is all about passion, emotion, and the love shared between a couple during a very private, special and sensual moment. As the years have passed into current times, we don’t hear any more real baby making music. A lot of songs are about sex as only an action you do, and they suggest that you should do it as often as possible with as many partners as possible. It’s a shame that there are hardly any songs anymore that talk about sex in a more meaningful way. It’s no coincidence that the songs of Marvin Gaye, Barry White and Al Green have lasted past their eras. Drake has a quote in a song that says “Only real music’s gonna last”. I wonder if people will still talk about the music of Young Thug or Rae Sremmurd a long time down the road. Probably not!


  2. I don’t think “baby-making music” necessarily is male-centric. In some cases, those songs that are slow, crooning August Alsina (my boy)-type songs can just have their lyrics completely ignored. I think the overall sound of the song can elicit a certain sexual response from both men and women. If you don’t ignore the lyrics, I totally agree that the songs are almost completely about men.


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