Is Hip Hop is ruining our society?

Hip-hop today is influencing America’s youth by giving them the wrong impression when it comes to certain thing such as the topic sex. Today in our society, music shapes our culture and we use music for all type of things such as stress reliever, hobby and relating things to our life. Hip-hop today is culture that says what is on artist and people mind despite how controversial it may be. Also in today we tend to gravitate towards the songs with the wrong message. A lot of hip-hop artist feel that sex sell records. These are the same artist that our youth look up to and imitate. But the real question is WHY we all look up to these so-called superstars? Why do our kids get attach to these artist who cant finish a sentence without say vulgar language, having these artist dance like they are prostitutes on stage, or even having their lyrics to their songs talk about having sex and overpowering women in the bedroom.

Some popular artist in our society today would include Nikki Minaj and Ludacris. Some of their most popular songs have their fans jumping up and down but we wonder why they love it so much and are acting the way they are. Nikki Manaj just recently came out with a song called “Anaconda” and sum about this song all it talks about is a guy with a dick as big as a snake and wants to have sex with girls who has a big butt. Nicki Minaj shows her butt throughout this whole movie, trying to impress her boyfriend and for him to have sex with her. She uses her body to make sales due to her appearance her actions. She distracts the viewers through her music video by her twerking, lap dances, her butt and overall appearance for viewers to not exactly listen to the lyrics but focus more on herself. Her lyrics to her songs are mostly leading up to sex. What are your reactions after watching this music video? Would you want your kids acting like this and having Nicki as a role model?


Another artist such as Ludacris use very bad language in his song that we listen to. Majority of his music is for adult audiences but our youth still has access to his song. Most of his music is about sex and woman. One song in particular is “What’s your Fantasy”. This song is about what is your fantasy and what places you always dream about having sex. He talks about different places and different ways to please. He say things like “I wanna, lick lick you from yo’ head to yo’ toes And I wanna, move from the bed down to the down to the to the flow Then I wanna, you make it so good I don’t wanna leave

But I gotta, know what-what’s your fantasy”. He also talks about different places like cars, football field and even his concert. This song sends so many crazy messages and gives the wrong idea of casual sex. Things like having sex on a concert stage are beyond imagination. This song gives off the idea that sex can happen anywhere and can happen in anyway.

In the video it has a lot of woman and those are the people that he would love to fulfill their fantasy. This video has a lot of hidden message. They are sex slang and sex position. One is below which he has a jersey on which say Trojans 69. Trojan, which we may know, is a condom but is also a name for a college football team. This is hidden really well and many might not have caught what message they were trying to send out. Not only the name, it’s the number that makes the jersey which is 69. It’s a number but also a name for a sex position. So hip-hop can send message in song also video in ways you may not catch from the first time looking at the video.

In our class book Introducing the New Sexuality Studies, in the chapter “Wait… hip hop sexualities” it discusses how sex and hip hop have been mixed together for many year giving our society an outlook of what music is about. Hip hop offers an array of obvious and urgent questions surrounding sex and sexuality. These songs connect audiences through stories of sexual encounters staged as bragging rituals about events (DeFrantz). In the section of Lets talk about sex it discusses how some rappers, including Queen Latifah and the groups T.L.C and Salt n Pepa, establish their mainstream reputations in 1990s who brought up attitude to the public surrounding sex. Missy Elliot and Foxy Brown connected their songs to sex. In 1996 Lil’ Kim track “I Don’t Want Dick Tonight,” which concluded its hook, “Eat my pussy right!” (DeFrantz, 387). So overall hip hop and sex has been established way back in the day and is still having an impact on our society today.


Society now has been blind sided by hip-hop. Hip-hop has its way of inputting a message into our mind and this is how we get the wrong interpretation of how sex should be. By listening to artist such as Nikki Minja and Ludacris we get confused on how our society is suppose to be and act. Women are viewed as sex toys to men who try to control women. So our these messages giving the wrong messages to our society and to American youths?





Seidman, Steven, Nancy Fischer, and Chet Meeks. Introducing the New Sexuality Studies. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, 2011. Print. In the chapter of Wait…. Hip hop sexualities by Thomas F. DeFrantz

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