Sex and Power: male dominance over women

In a conceptual analysis post I looked at a song called “God Made Girls”  by a country singer named Raelynn. When looking at this post I wish I would have added on to this post and so do some of the people who commented on my blog. So I decided to continue go into more depth about this topic through this engaging assignment so I can talk more in depth about the Barber article, Sex and Power.

In the past little girls were told that when they grow up women need to take care of the men in their lives by cooking, cleaning, and doing whatever they need. After decades of women doing everything for their families and men in their lives, they finally started working and becoming independent.

For those of you who haven’t heard the song here it is:

For a recap on this song “God Made Girls” it talks about how God made girl to look pretty, flirt, make men want to hold girls hands and get dressed up. The thing is when you look at this title you may think it is a very empowering article for girls and women but when you look and listen to the lyrics you realize it is not. The song depicts that women/girls are here in the world to please men/boys.

When looking at many comments from classmates on this song many of them state that the fact that this song/video and people that like it are reinforcing heteronormative ideology and gender binaries while also looking at concepts like male dominance and men having authority over women. Another thing I noticed my classmates pointed out was that when you watch the music video only shows white females that are dressed in pink and surrounded by flowers and doing ballet. So is this country artist saying that only God made white females and not other people of different races, genders, identities, and sexualities. So I am going to look at all these concepts by using Barbers article, Sex and Power. 

In the article Sex and Power many of these concepts are discussed throughout. For example,  Dworkin argued, “hetero-sex is a mechanism by which men dominate women” (NSS 45). Dworkin continues to say, “that women are expected to say ‘yes’ to sex because they are expected to be compliant and to fulfill the man’s ‘implicit right’ to get laid regardless of the woman’s desire” (NSS 45). Dworkin and MacKinnon believe that “sex is about male dominance and female subordination” (NSS 45). This can be linked with the song about God making girls because Dworkin and MacKinnon are arguing that sex is a way for men to control women and have a dominance over them. So their argument connects with the song because it is saying that girls need to get dressed up and things to please these boys and to make them wash their trucks and get dressed up.

Also in this article, “Califia argues that under conditions of male dominance women’s sexuality is limited. Women may have less freedom to explore, discover, and play with their own desires and pleasures, but they are not completely powerless” (NSS 45). This fits this song because the song talks about God making women for men which allows them to have less freedom than they should which is discussed by Califia. Women not having this freedom to complete theirs goals and desires leads them to not feel empowered and live the life they have worked for and deserve. If women continue to become powerless instead of powerful we are going to take steps back after all the work the women have done in the past.

I believe this song is promoting that we as in women should always be their for men because that is what God created us to do. Especially because we know God made more than just girls and to be specific he made more than white girls. God created people who are African American, Asian, White, gay, straight, transgendered, lesbian, queer so how is someone going to sit there and say that God made girl to please guys? We need to stop sitting here encouraging people to think women were created to be here for men and start thinking that women were created to live powerful lives. Women deserve to live a life were they can achieve their goals and indulge in their pleasures without wondering what men think or wondering what men need. Women are just as powerful as men and its about time people realize it.

Its time for change! We need to start treating everyone equally and not letting any race, gender, identity, and sexuality be superior than another.

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