What’s Sex Got to do With… “Orange is the New Black”?

Everyone has either seen, heard of, or become obsessed with the popular and relatively new Netflix series—Orange is the New Black. The excitement filled show entails a woman’s experiences once she is sent to jail. While there, the main character, Piper, encounters a wide array of new friends. The infamous T.V. show portrays lesbians, homosexual behavior, and even trasngenders. The show introduces these people to society and the series has brought about more acceptance and equality.

Most people I talked to about the show, when it first aired, all had similar reactions. At first the lesbian sex scenes were weird to watch, but then people got used to it and began to love the show. Maybe this makes a little sense… but why? Heterosexual sex scenes don’t seem to make people feel uncomfortable, so why should homosexual sex scenes? Society makes homosexuality appear as different and unusual. Even today, in a world where homosexuality is growing and becoming widely accepted, there is still an aspect about it that makes it dissimilar and unlike the “norm.”

Laverne Cox, who is a transgender woman in real life, plays a transgender woman, Sophia, on Orange is the New Black. Throughout the show, the audience is able to see her struggles as she fights back against inequalities she’s faced with in jail. She is the first openly trans woman that has ever been nominated for an Emmy—this is awesome! Transgender men and women, although still discriminated against, are becoming more established and welcomed into society—as they should. Laverne Cox has really made a name for herself and for all transgender people. Society is coming closer to growing apart form a heteronormative culture and becoming more accepting towards “other” sexualities—which shouldn’t have to be labeled as “other” in the first place.



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