What’s Sex Got To Do With… DJs?

The music industry uses a lot of sexual imagery in general, but how much is too much when it comes to exposing and objectifying women?

Israeli DJ/producer, Asaf Borger, known as “Borgore,” has been heavily criticized for his hashtag on twitter #bootyforborgore where girls tweet the hashtag of pictures of their butts, and he retweets them, “ratchet pageants,” which are twerking contests at his shows featuring scantily clothed women, and most importantly, his explicit, misogynistic and at times violent lyrics. For this very reason, Borgore has been named Buzzfeed’s “Most Hated Man in EDM.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 11.33.39 AM

According to this Buzzfeed article, upon being interviewed about his sexually explicit lyrics, Borgore seems indifferent and brushes off the fact that his lyrics contribute to misogyny and the sexual exploitation of women. He has claimed that his lyrics are a joke, but regardless if they are or not, there is no way that these lyrics are acceptable. Here is an example of his song titles and lyrics…

“Act Like a Ho” – “Girl, take example from these bitches/In bed, act like a ho but first, do the dishes!”

“Glory Hole” – “Oh my god, it’s a whale/Wait, that’s your sister/Just take her to the glory hole/You wouldn’t have to kiss her/Nah, sea mammals are not on my fuck list/Man, it’s a glory hole, fuck if she’s obese”

Not only are these lyrics terrible in the first place, but they are disgusting. Even other DJs and producers among the EDM world, who are no angels themselves, have expressed their disgust with Borgore and his habits on twitter and on stage.

One of the most upsetting parts about this, in my opinion, is that Borgore, himself, sees no problem with his antics. He brushes off his lyrics, and also sees no problem with his hashtag #bootyforborgore, brushing that off too, when he is blatantly sexually exploiting and objectifying women.

Exposing women like this and speaking of sex so casually and meaninglessly makes it seem as if it is a commodity, and consequently leads to power based violence against women. These pictures contribute to why women are objectified and degraded in society.


IMG_5138 IMG_5137 IMG_5136


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