What’s Sex Got To Do With… Gone Girl?

Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen Gone Girl and want to, then I wouldn’t read this… I don’t want to spoil it for you.

This past October, the film, Gone Girl premiered. The film was highly anticipated for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that it’s based on a novel, because it stars Ben Affleck, and because of the crazy plot and the twists… but there is also the sex.

These days, sex is featured in almost everything. It plays a different role in each show or movie, whether it is big or small. The sex in Gone Girl, although it may be overlooked by most people in it’s importance, actually plays a huge and indicative role throughout the film.

It is an indicative sign of power and persuasion. In the movie, when Amy Dunne (a main character) is telling of her relationship with her husband, she tells us of how at first, they had great sex, but over time, he began to use her for sex on his own terms. Around this same time, he began to abuse, becoming violent and more controlling.

Later on in the movie, when Amy Dunne is in a situation where she needs power to achieve her plan, she uses sex over a man to sway him and gain control on the situation.

It is curious how sex can contribute to someone’s power so heavily. This is not the first or last time sex will be used over someone to gain something; in fact, these are the same ideals and thoughts that contribute and are related to power based violence and rape.


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