What’s Sex Got to do With… Sex Drive?

Technology and social media are aspects of our modern society that few can live without.  Apps and websites such as Facebook, Tinder, and Grindr, make social connecting simple; perhaps too simple.  Social media has a major influence on modern hook up and intimacy, and it has changed the way we interact with others.  Simply put, social media makes it easier to hook up with strangers and forget about the whole “get to know each other” ordeal (aka dating).  In the movie “Sex Drive” a teenager named Ian goes on a road trip with his two friends in hopes of hooking up with a gorgeous girl he met online.

Here is the trailer:

“Sex Drive” accurately exposes the influence that the internet has on sex.  In the movie, Ian drives halfway across the country to hook up with an online girl that he has never met in person.  This central theme of the movie highlights the modern-day simplicity of interacting and getting sexual with random people as a result of technology.  Tinder is one app in particular that emulates this pattern.  On tinder, people indicate a mutual attraction based on physical appearance, often recite sexual pickup lines and largely fabricated tales, and end up having sex.  Obviously it does not always work out this cleanly (as shown in the movie) but the potential opportunity for sex with virtually anyone is clearly present thanks to social media.

Social media has strengthened the culture of hookup and this has caused date culture to suffer, especially in college.  In Kathleen A. Bogle’s “Hooking Up” she asks a girl named Lisa if college students go on dates.  Lisa responded with: “not really, I don’t think they really do that much.” (Bogle 45).  Since the advent of social media, guys like Ian who are not necessarily great at talking to girls in person, can use these tools to possibly get lucky.

Social media is also related to Dennis D. Waskul’s article, “Internet Sex: the seductive ‘freedom to’”.  Waskul describes the world of cybersex and how text and webcams are used to sexually interact with other people online.  This relates to social media’s role in hook up because both use technology as a central node, and people have the oppornity to fabricate tales and manipulate their pictures (or often in the case of cybersex, not provide a picture at all).  The disconnect is that cybersexers do not desire to hook up in person.

How large of a role do you think social media has on hooking up?  Do you believe that the popularization of hooking up and the decline of dating is a major issue?  If so, what should be done about it?  How has social media changed the way we perceive or judge other people?

2 thoughts on “What’s Sex Got to do With… Sex Drive?

  1. Apps like Tinder serve to highlight the aesthetic motivation behind hookup culture. Hookup culture allows participants to engage in sexual acts without the “consequence” of putting time in to get to know the other person. In a similar way, hookup-fueled social media allows us to talk and even meet up with another person (who you find attractive, and vice versa). In my opinion, hookup culture is further ingrained into our age group by social media, and certain types of social media can perpetuate hookup culture. Additionally, judging or “approving” people based on looks acknowledges the lack of personal/intellectual connection that comes along with hookup culture– and allows us to admit that even in dating culture (which some people use Tinder for) we are more naturally inclined to date someone whom we find to be physically attractive.


  2. This post was interesting to read and very relevant. I know tons of people who have Tinder and actually use it. Young people everywhere are signed up on Tinder and it makes easy hook-ups instantly available, all the time. I personally think this is kind of creepy and weird… but current day society is constantly revolving around social media. I understand why middle aged, single people go on websites like match.com (because it is harder for them to find other single people their own age), but what has the world come to that young people have to go on an app to meet people?


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