What’s Sex Got to do with… Attachments


In the college life, “hooking up” is basically all that goes on in this crazy world of our own, called college.

Kathleen Bogle states that many individuals involved in these drunken late night hookups (ranging from a make out to sexual intercourse) do not turn into relationships. As a matter of fact, it usually happens one time and it is over. A boy interviewed in Hooking Up that he would leave the girl’s room after they were done having sex. So how does that make a girl feel? In my opinion, it would make someone feel like they were being used and nobody enjoys feeling that way. I think that more often than not girls go into these hookups (if they are sober in the slightest way) with the intentions of continuing the hookup or in hopes of it turning into a relationship. In society today, we have a major cuddling phenomenon. It makes girls feel wanted and loved after such an intimate act has taken place. But honestly, the guys partook in these actions for their pleasure.

The film No Strings Attached is a perfect example of how hookups are viewed. Do girls think that if they have sex with a guy then he will eventually want to be in a relationship with them? It happens in the movies… right? I think that so many expectations begin with movies. They create these pictures that you want your life to resemble.

We grow up being told to associate sex with love. You wait for the person you could spend the rest of your life with because sex involves so many feelings. During a Sex Ed class in high school, the speaker glued two different colored hearts, created from construction paper, together and after the glue was dried, she pulled them apart. Because of the bond, there were pieces of the opposite colored paper attached to each other. We are even taught in school that we are creating attachments by being sexually active.

I talked to a guy who goes here that was involved in a drunken make out. The next morning I was having a casual conversation with him and he told me that he does that every time he goes out. I was so surprised and kind of appalled. What happens when he runs into them on campus? Does he exchange numbers with them? Do they continue to talk? Or does he even remember their names? After that conversation with him, I was talking to one of my friends about how everyone hooks up here with no attachments. It seems like sex means nothing and they do it as often as just giving a kiss to someone. She said that it happens at The University of Missouri too. Therefore, it must be a phase, especially among freshman. How do girls hook up without getting attached? Is it easy to just move on to the next guy? Do you think girls ever want relationships with guys that they hook up with?

One thought on “What’s Sex Got to do with… Attachments

  1. I’m not a girl, but from my point of view the hookup culture is something that can go either way. I think there’s definitely room to get emotionally attached whether or not he other party has any feelings at all. As far as the whole casually hooking up then going on to another is not only a matter of morality, but it’s also a health risk. Regardless of whether it’s morally right/wrong, it’s not healthy to be hooking up consistently and sharing multiple sex partners. We’ve talked a lot about double standards in this course, and there is definitely one surrounding the hookup culture with the males being seen as cool or almost worshiped for getting a ‘hot chick’ the night before whereas girls are looked at as slutty or immoral. Male dominance, anyone?


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