Rape on the college campus

Many large universities dismiss rape in order to keep their reputations up.  This is exactly what UVA did when it came to reporting their rape cases.  A few years back, a girl

http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAcQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rollingstone.com%2Fculture%2Ffeatures%2Fa-rape-on-campus-20141119&ei=SSB2VJL4Lor1oATRm4LwAg&bvm=bv.80642063,d.cWc&psig=AFQjCNH_biykG2RKvu5gtJDGzQt3u1M9HQ&ust=1417114057062501 was gang raped at a frat house by fraternity brothers who were trying to pledge (they had to rape her in order to complete their initiation).  When this incident happened this girl was still her first few years of undergrad and was too timid to report her case because she was told it would ruin not only her reputation, but the schools reputation. She did not want to be the girl who was blamed for ruining the prestige of UVA. Therefore she stayed away from reporting the case until a few years after she graduated when she realized there had to be a stop.

To me, this is crazy.  Although, now a days schools main priority is to leave people interested in attending their school by not reporting all the crimes that happen on campus or reporting them on their websites. In this case, the dean of the University stated he was “not aware of the allegations stated in the Rolling Stones article”.  He then stated in his case that he was already in the process of teaching fraternities about “bystander awareness” and how the could become leaders to prevent sexual assault.  In most cases, any school would say that to try to protect their reputation and show that it was only a mistake and that it would never happen again. Since this case has been reported, many changes have happened on campus, and all fraternity and sorority activity was halted. Could you imagine how this would have affected the girl if this all happened while she was still in school?  This is why many schools are implementing programs to help make the students feel safe enough to report incidents.  We learned about a program like this the other week. Project Safe is a growing program in the Vanderbilt Community which is not confidential, but it implements many ideas to help the student feel safe.  The student is remained anonymous if asked and only reported for statistics reasons; all assaults must be reported as a result of the Title IX act stating that all schools are legally required to address sex crimes and sex harassment. Project safe has the ability to move the student from dorm to dorm and even make restraining orders of any type to help make a safer environment.

The police do not have to be contacted directly about the incident, but in this UVA report, the city police were asked to investigate.

This reminds me of the process they are taking in the Vanderbilt rape case that happened recently.  Although it was reported right away, it is now being deeply investigated and Vanderbilt is implementing programs in project safe to help show they are trying to not only solve the case, but also try and prevent more cases from happened.

What else can these campuses do to prevent these cases? There is a new law being written to try and combat them, but shouldn’t these lawyers be more involved on the college campus so they can know what is really going on.  Maybe they can select a few of the members to be put on the college campus during the weekends and watch over the parties to see what really goes on and what may lead to the incidents. They need to be more caught up on todays college environment because things have really changes since most of them have been in school, and students have found other ways to have “fun”.  In class we have also talked about making mandatory freshman classes about safety; a more hands on approach. In these classes the law makers can come and sit in and get ideas from the students.

The Campus Accountability and Safety Act states that there are responsible employee acts, where that employee is considered as a part of the security team on campus.  There is an online survey that acts students to tell their experience with sexual harassment and violence, which shall be administered every year. Also implemented is the University Support for Survivors of Sexual Violence which involves more confidential roles for reporting crimes more anonymously using a confidential advisor.  This advisor has to be trained to perform a victim-centered therapy to receive elicit information about traumatic events.  These are only a few parts included in the newly written act.  There are many positives and many aspects that need to worked on and more thought out with the help of students.

Eliza Gray’s article is titled “The Sexual Assault Crisis on American Campuses” her title uses the word crisis to explain sexual assaults on campus.  With such a strong word being used, I feel that there would have been more awareness on the college campus already; that way there would not have to be hidden statistics or have a fear of reporting the crimes because awareness would be much greater allowing for greater results from programs such as project safe not making campuses necessarily safer but allowing more people to be on the lookout dangerous situations instead of looking the other way.

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