F bombs for Feminism

Many of you may have seen the video above circulating the web about these young girls who are dropping f bombs to promote feminism. This video talks about some things we have discussed in class. Some points they bring up are about pay inequality, rape and violence, and objectification of females bodies and how their body can be more important than their brains. Bustle.com first brought this video to my attention one day when I was scrolling through Facebook. Bustle talks about how this video uses “these girls, aged between 6 and 13, [and who] are probably the cutest things on earth, no exaggeration. When they start dropping F-bombs to show exactly how offensive gender inequality is, they become so fierce it’s impossible to look away as they ask the question, ‘What’s more offensive, a little girl saying fuck or the sexist way society treats girls and women?’” (bustle.com). I believe the campaign FCKH8 definitely accomplished what they wanted by making the video so shocking that it makes you watch and listen all the way until the end.

These points throughout the video are very important to make aware to society. These points also connect to things we have discussed in class. For example, we have recently just finished talking about rape and violence which is brought up in this video. It states that, “1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted or raped” (video on bustle.com). In class we looked more in-depth to rape and violence on college campuses through all those article written in time magazine. Time magazine also reported that, “recent research revealed that one in five women report being assaulted on college campuses. That shocking number has students, parents and politicians questioning the way schools protect students and adjudicate the cases of sexual assault” (http://time.com/100038/college-sexual-assault-debate/). The thing is how do we make campuses and cities safer if we are being more reactive than proactive. I do have to agree that many college campuses are coming up with different prevention efforts for example on Vandy’s campus we have Green Dots. I believe it is a very good try to prevent these sexual assaults/rapes on campus but even if we train people throughout campus sometimes its hard to read or even approach these situations. So in ways these efforts are proactive if they actually were to work but for the most part I feel most colleges and cities are reactive when it comes to sexual assault/rape. They just have people in these places were these victims can go speak to people about what has happened to them and figure if they would like to press charges are not. I am very glad that this video brought up the topic about Sexual Assault and Rape because it is something that exists and many people don’t want to discuss because it is a very tough topic. The thing is like the video said it is important to bring to people attention so women feel safe when walking alone at night, in parking lot, or various places.

Another topic the video talked about which we discussed in class would be female objectification. This portion of the video can connect to our first or second week of class when we read the article “Adolescent girls’ sexuality” by Tolman. The video talks about how society is teaching women that “their boobs and butts are more important than their brains which leads them to think that their worth comes from their waistlines” (video on bustle.com). Tolman states that, “to be popular, with girls and with boys, girls are told to wear less and less to be more and more sexy” (NSS 153) her statement goes with the video on how these females worth is coming from how they look and not their brain or personality. This also leads to the double standard and how men are not judge on their worth by their looks but by what the accomplish and their brain. Since these women are objectified many are trying to push past this double standard of sexual subjectivity. “The concept of ‘sexual subjectivity’ has recently been developed in relation to adolescent women’s sexuality and its development. Sexual subjectivity means having a sense of oneself as a sexual person who is entitled to have sexual feelings and to make active decisions about sexual behavior” (NSS 155). It just comes down to how is society going to objectify women and then shame them for being sexual promiscuous. It is just not right to say that women’s worth is from their looks and not their brains. Then once these women believe that society shames them for doing what they have grown up seeing due to society. It is only right that society sees women’s worth in their accomplishments and their brains and not their boobs and butts.

I believe this video is something almost everyone should watch because it makes good points and brings up issues women deal with on an everyday basis. Hopefully this video and post brings attention to society so we can make a change. Just the simple changes of women getting paid the same as men for the same job, women feeling safe walking alone, and women getting noticed for their brains and not their looks. These are things that can be changed with some effort from people in society and raising awareness like this video did.




NSS Tolman pages 153-157


One thought on “F bombs for Feminism

  1. Beautiful post, first of all. I think the video is very empowering and jolting. It’s not something that you’d expect from little princesses that age, but the message gets delivered very well. Feminism doesn’t just limit itself to one group of people or one small age range. This post shows how anyone can fight for women’s equality both in the work force and society in general. There’s definitely a double standard in the objectification of women with dressing provocative which is (good?) and dressing like a slut which is (bad?). But the real question here is how the hell do we know what the difference is??? We’re expected to walk this very fine, blurred line when it comes to outward appearance. If society doesn’t make this line clear on what’s okay and what not, then how are we supposed to act accordingly? But seriously.. like the girl said at the end… Fuck that sexist shit.


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