Rape in the Fields

After watching the documentary Rape in the Fields over again, it really struck me how serious sexually assault is to our society in these fields and in the work place because no one would ever expect that this is happening. This is a story about immigrant women who say they have and are being sexually assaulted in the American fields and packing plants. These situations are under the radar and our society needs to be more aware of these types of situations that are taking place. Women go through this abuse just to keep a job and to get food on the table.


This documentary featured a brave lady named Maricruz Ladino who went through torture and finally stood up and told her story after keeping her mouth shut for a long time. An estimated 560,000 women work on U.S. farms, most of them is undocumented immigrants and many of them face harassment and abuse. Most of them do not speak English or even know they you can turn these men in for what they have done to others. Maricruz is a woman who has worked in the fields for 18 years and worked in the Monterey County. She was harassed and sexually assaulted by Anthony Smith her co. supervisor as he took her places far away from everyone else on the field. At first she did not want to tell anyone because she wanted to keep her job so she could support and take care of her daughters. Maricruz said “they liked at you like they owned you and whatever they want you, they can have you”(Rape in the Fields). Not just her but most when are looked upon as sex object to these men and have lived in the shadow for awhile. One of the companies that was under investigation was Evans Fruit. Fifteen former employees sued this company for the assaults they suffered. But overall despite the women’s words of their assaults the jury did not find the company responsible. There were other companies though that got in trouble due to the assaults that occurred. So after all this they are trying to make a final stop to these actions that the women workers are being brought upon. What are some other actions that women could do to have these men stop sexually harassing them in the field?

This film relates to our class, because it reminds me of when those two ladies came and talked to us about sexual assault at college. But to be realistic you should not just be aware of sexual assault at college but also aware of it when you are out in the real world. Anything can happen at any time! Her are some facts that are shocking to see to most!

In the United States, one in five women and 1 in 71 men have been raped in their lifetime.

One in two women and one in five men have experienced others forms of sexual violence at some point of their lives (http://www.cdc.gov/features/sexualviolence/) .

Statistics underestimate this problem because many victims do not tell the police, family or friends about the violence. Sexual violence is very serious problem and affects millions of women and men throughout their lifetime. So be careful and do not put yourself in these types of situations. An interesting fact is that April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month! So what could you do to stop sexual assaults?



The documentary of Rape in Fields


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