What does sex have to do with college?

All students’ want is to be safe while attending college. After hearing that one in five women are being sexually assaulted during their college years and every 6.2 minutes, one in five women are raped in her lifetime it scares females attending college (Solnit 2013). Their families try to put them in the best situation and university, so they can prevent this from happening to their child. University try to do all they can to prevent these situations from erupting. In the end do students still feel safe in the college environment?

What is being provided to students that are attending college about becoming safe in situations? A few ways involve having surveillance cameras to catch students acting off, security guards walking around to make sure your making right choices, and having centers for sexual assault education so students can get a hold of resources on their campus. Most sexual assaults and rapes occur with alcohol being involved. Be careful and aware of how much alcohol you and your friends consume so you are alert of the situations that are in your surroundings and take advantage of all the resources at are available.

This topic relates to our class because there were two ladies who came in and preached about sexual assault and all the resources that are available. There is violence at all colleges but there are always resources and help if students are in need of it. There can always be more and efficient ways to get students attention about this but what would you consider of doing to making college campuses feel safer to students? If you are attending college right now do you feel safe while you are out at night? These are some questions that universities should consider because of all the fear that occurs with the students.




Solnit, Rebecca. “A Rape a Minute, A Thousand Corpses a Year.” The Nation. N.p., 24 Jan. 2013. Web.


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