What’s Sex Got to do with… Thanksgiving


As I have gotten older, I have found that the question, “Where’s your boyfriend?” or “ So, have you met any boys at college?” No offense to their age, but college students these days don’t bring home significant others very often, especially as freshman. They’ll never understand this thing called “Hookup culture”

Kathleen Bogle states, “In addition to the cultural changes underway during the 1960’s, a number of demographic trends are relevant to understanding why hooking up emerged and formal dating declined on college campuses”(22). Today the common age for marriage for women is 25 and men is 27 compared to the mid- 1900’s where it ranged from 20 for women and 23 for men.

So, it makes sense when grandmas and grandpas and older aunts and uncles continue to ask this question that drives us girls up the walls. The realization of the question is that we actually can’t help it because it’s just the way that things are in the society we live in. Which brings up another question… Why do the boys get the opportunity to put us in such awkward positions during the holidays? As I was reading Hooking Up, it made me realize how much control we are really giving them. If they don’t want relationships, then we turn into a society that hooks up. Is there any way to make a transition? Do you think the tables will turn? Is there hope for the college scene to go back to a dating environment in the future?

While we are on the topic of being lonely during the holidays, our society has created a term to let individuals know that they are not alone, the turkey dump. To those precious high school sweethearts who we all thought would be together forever – it may coming for you. There is even a dictionary definition in Urban Dictionary:

 turkey dump-

 When a student returning from college breaks up with their significant other from high school. So-called because it traditionally takes place over thanksgiving break, the first time most students return from college.

When Jim and Heather came home for Thanksgiving, she gave him the turkey dump.


Due to the hookup culture, many relationships may come to an end. By reading the thoughts from boys throughout this book, Bogle shows evidence that many boys have little to no interest in putting work in to be in a relationship. They believe that they are not going to get married any time soon so why not have some fun? However, it was great to see that in this definition, the creator gave us women some credit. They stated that Heather gave Jim the turkey dump. Maybe this is a transition? There is hope!

Are Thanksgiving break-ups really so popular that they were given a nickname? Do you know anyone whose relationship ended over Thanksgiving break? Do you hookup culture played a large factor in it?


One thought on “What’s Sex Got to do with… Thanksgiving

  1. Very interesting! In regards to the “turkey dump” I too know couples who have broken up over thanksgiving break, however I think this is two fold. 1) there is the allure of the hook up culture, as you stated but also 2) you are now surrounded by so many like minded individuals that many people begin to realize the world is bigger than the boys who were at your high school. But, hookup culture is most likely the main culprit. You are now in a place where you don’t have to sneak out to see boys but they are living on the floor below you. I think this new sense of freedom is what drives these turkey dumps and the allure of exploring this new culture.


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