What’s Sex Got to Do With…American Pie?

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the movie series American Pie at some point in our lives, as it has become a major statement and image of sexual experiences for people transitioning into the next and biggest phase of their lives: college. In the movie, a group of five male best friends decide to make a pact to lose their virginities before their high school graduation and hopefully on their prom night. These guys go through many obstacles to make their pact come true such as; being caught with pornographic material over a webcam that the entire school can see, masturbating with apple pie, convincing girls to go to prom with them, and overcoming obstacles in relationships that each of them are pursuing, in the hopes of having sex. In class, we have discussed the ways in which a person will try to take home another person, in the hopes of hooking up. The characters in this movie, do many of these steps so that they can take home their date and ultimately follow through on their pact.

In the book Hooking Up by Kathleen A. Bogle, she discusses that colleges are seen as a “safe haven” where students “felt as though they knew everyone and could trust them, even though most of their fellow classmates were technically strangers” (Bogle 132). Though the characters in the movie are in high school, what Bogle says applies here. The girls that the group of boys are pursuing feel more comfortable around them because they go to school with them and have known of them for awhile. Its a “safe haven” where the girls feel like they can trust these guys but in reality they are just wanting a hook up. What do you think? Do you think that Bogle’s ideas fit within this script? Do you even see this idea play out in your experiences in college?

One thought on “What’s Sex Got to Do With…American Pie?

  1. People may feel compelled to lose their virginity before college because hookup culture prevails in college. The safety and security of campuses make people more inclined to partake in meaningless sexual encounters. Teenagers may want to lose their virginity prior to entering college, a place where hookup culture thrives, so that it can be intimate and special. Furthermore, media creates the misconception that everyone is not a virgin in college. Could this misunderstanding contribute to the social pressure high school students face to lose their virginity?


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