What’s Sex Got to do With…Sons of Anarchy?

The show Sons of Anarchy follows a motorcycle club located in northern California. SAMCRO, a.k.a Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original. They ride Harleys, deal guns, fight, kill, drink, and even run a pornography business. This show emphasizes violence crime and the bad boy lifestyle accompanying a motorcycle gang. The show glorifies criminals, enhancing the appeal of their lifestyle by showing how much sex goes along with it.

Almost every episode of this show includes some sexual, usually explicit, material. So why does the media incorporate so much sex into this show? And why is this bad boy image so appealing to audiences? As “bad boys,” the main characters of Sons of Anarchy aren’t exactly the most loving, doting boyfriends or husbands. In many clips, their behavior exhibits misogynistic characteristics. Telling the women to mind their own business, expecting them to behave domestically and be obedient, as well as expecting sex from them whenever and wherever they desire. While the audience may not individually agree with these actions or live by these same moral conducts, we as a society are saying that we accept this treatment by watching the show. Maybe it’s because this “bad boy” image is fantasized by half of our society, which the producers know, and they also know that sex sells. When you combine these two marketable qualities, the show’s ratings undoubtedly increase. So in reality, someone may speak out against sexual objectification of women, but watching it on television remains a guilty pleasure.

Not to mention, the sex on this show is crude, Hollywood style fantasy sex. There is much of the shirt ripping, scratching, hair pulling sex, as well as the angry make-up sex, and even the we just murdered someone let’s have sex, sex. The last one appears quite often, which isn’t surprising given the nature of the show. Also appearing in quite a few episodes are prostitutes, for the club members that prefer less than monogamy. This show influences what we accept as appropriate by displaying sex in such a casual manner. Yes, this show exhibits such behavior to the extreme, so it doesn’t necessarily reflect our daily lives. But is someone watching the show wishing they had that lifestyle? Our silent approval says that though we may not live it, we accept the behavior and lifestyle portrayed in Sons of Anarchy.

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