What’s Sex got to do with… LOVE?

So what’s sex got to do with love… not a damn thing! In a world where hookup culture is the norm, not just here in the US, sex has become something distant, meaning not necessarily associated with love. What happened to the love notes in class, asking for phone numbers, opening the car door, meeting the parents, etc? In a society where sex is quite literally everywhere and the concept is as elusive as those long-term┬árelationships, hookup culture has become the go-to mode of easily accessible sex. In Europe, there’s a petition to stop hookup culture for good. Since it isn’t as big of a problem over there, they might not see things the way we do. Some Europeans are now saying that ‘hookup culture isn’t real’, although I think we all know that it’s alive and well. But here’s the real question: has hookup culture tainted or completely ruined the college dating scene?

From our studies over the semester, we’ve come to analyze cultures from all over the globe and have come to see how sexual scripts play out. What’s leading college kids today into this hookup scene? Is it the readily available technology? Is it societal standards? Are college kids just simply afraid of commitment or, God forbid, developing feelings for someone? I would encourage you to take a look at some of the comments on the link below to the simple question: How do you feel about today’s “hookup culture”?


So where does this leave us as Vanderbilt students? Why are things so radically different in Europe? Are they a less-sexualized society? How do European lifestyles compare to American both sexually and socially? What exactly has caused this shift in social norms? What are the ramifications involved?

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