Sex Scandals in Society


Celebrities are good for a few things; they entertain us through music, television, and movies and they serve as icons in fashion and their different actions, but when they make a mistake, it becomes a statement for the rest of society (and for other celebrities who are making the same mistake). When prominent figures act in a way that is unlawful, unjust, or unacceptable, society likes to make an example of them. What comes to mind first, is Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time and was LOVED by golf fans. However, when one of his mistress’ talked about her relationship with him, his name became worthless. Subsequently, more and more women came out talking about the same relationship that they had with Woods. Tiger Woods became hated by Americans for cheating on his wife and for sleeping with so many women. This sex scandal was all over the news and his family was stalked until he admitted to these allegations. However, in reality, he is probably not the only celebrity that does this. He is just the one that got caught and couldn’t cover it up. Another celebrity that comes to mind that was made of an example for his terrible acts is Bill Cosby. For anyone that doesn’t know, he was a comedian and actor that was loved by Americans for his entire career, until he was recently accused of sexually assaulting many women throughout the years. Cosby committed a terrible crime, but this crime has become a way to bring awareness to the frequentness of sexual assault.




Bill Cosby was accused of raping many women beginning in the 1960s. There are more than fifteen women that have accused Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them, but no charges have been made. Bill Cosby paid one woman that accused him a large sum of money to settle the civil lawsuit against him (this is all according to a Huffington Post article posted in September of 2014). It has been incredibly clear that people are upset with Bill Cosby but more importantly they want him to speak out about these allegations. After polling fans of Bill Cosby, most said they wanted him to “own up to the mistake.” Over these allegations, Cosby has lost deals with NBC and Netflix and also lost countless fans. However, the only good that has come from this resulted in a fifty percent increase in the calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline. The women that have come forth with these allegations about Bill Cosby have empowered other women that have suffered sexual assault to come forth and get help. The importance of making an example out of celebrities’ mistakes helps society realize what is really going on within our communities. Some other celebrities that were accused of sexual assault are; Mike Tyson, R.Kelly, 2Pac, Ceelo Green, Darren Sharper, Lawrence Taylor, Woody Allen, Sean Kingston, Marilyn Manson, and Ben Roethlisberger just to name a few.

Another name that has gotten much media for beating his wife is Ray Rice from the Baltimore Ravens. Ray Rice and his fiance at the time and now wife Janay fought in an elevator and both were taken to jail and charged with simple assault. However a few days later, a video was released of the fight when the couple was on the elevator and Ray Rice was seen dragging his wife’s body out of the elevator. This is what caused Rice to be suspended from two football games. However, what was most shocking was that his coach continued to support him and defend his character. Janay married Ray a few months later even though she was dragged out of an elevator.


This story reminded me of the class session of when we attended the art gallery that hung the pictures of the woman that was abused by her husband at such a young age. After many years of being beat and her children being affected by it, she got the courage and bravery to leave him and take him to court. Learning about this woman’s process has been incredibly eye opening because we learned how difficult the process is to protect your family against a man that has abused you for so many years. She has battled custody rights, restraining orders, and child support and the justice system still questions her. She has been a way for us to learn more about sexual and physical abuse and the role it plays in society. We know that one out of every five women are sexually assaulted on campus, but we do not even know how many woman are abused and do not report it. Celebrities get the backlash of their mistakes because they were once so popular in American’s eyes but we also need to save and help the people that are victims of abuse from your average person. We learned in class that eighty to ninety percent of sexual assaults are perpetuated by acquaintances, so if we know this statistic, how can we make a difference? What changes can we make?

6 thoughts on “Sex Scandals in Society

  1. I definitely agree with this post and how society likes to make an example of these celebrities when they act in unlaw ways. I feel like it shows that celebrities aren’t any better than everyone else but since they are popular and in the media they can be used to raise awareness and be made an example of. We learned about this rape culture and sexual assaults in class. Its crazy to think that “eighty to ninety percent of sexual assaults are perpetuated by acquaintances”. I feel like society can make a difference by continuing to raise awareness and have people step forward and not be victims but be survivors. I think this may help with having a quicker trial so these people don’t have to constantly face their attacker or continue to get questioned by the case. I feel like change is definitely hard but possible we just need to make aware of what consent is and have different things for victims to reach out to and if want press charges on their attacker. Change is hard but if society makes an effort I think we can take small steps in the right direction.


  2. This blog post was very eye-opening. It is interesting that celebrities always get so much attention for everything they do—but then again they are constantly in the public eye. In a way, I think it’s good that the world sees the negative responses people have towards the awful things famous people do (such as rape, murder etc…). This sets a bar for society. Yet criminals and sexual offenders who are not famous should most definitely receive the same amount of hatred and punishment as celebrities do.


  3. I was incredibly moved by the gallery photos and think that if it could gain more media attraction, it would have a huge effect. It is hard for these things to get circulated. But, if famous people drew the public’s attention on the issue it would have a lasting impact. I think that the stars like Cosby and Ray Rice should use their fame to raise awareness for sexual and domestic assault. If they, as famous perpetrators, admit to society that they were wrong and encouraged women to speak out, more women would be willing to come forward.


  4. One thing that I found particularly interesting was how you noted that the bad actions committed by the iconic figures could often times contribute to positive outcomes/lessons in society. It surely sounds weird but especially when discussing the event that occurred with Mr. Bill Cosby, this is especially true. After the allegations made against Cosby started to escalate, many women started to gain the courage to report the incident that occurred with them. This only sends a message to other woman who fear the stigmas associated with being a sexual assault victim such as being a liar or attention seeker.


  5. Celebrities are notoriously targets for widespread scandals. Every week there’s something ‘new’. Magazines are filled with terrible pictures of celebrities with captions saying either someone’s dying or has a new lover. By now, Bruce Jenner has gotten a sex change and died at least 7 times. Whether or not these accounts of sex scandals are 100% accurate is yet to be determined. Celebrities have images to uphold and are therefore thrust into the spotlight. Perhaps false allegations come to be due to a third-party’s jealousy, lust, or greed. Consider this when reading the next tabloid article.


  6. I think celebrities might lose fame and praise after sex scandals, but I never feel as if they are punished properly. I think celebrities can get away with so much because of their money and their name and its simply unfair. A change we can make is to stop allowing these scandals to go on without real repercussions. When celebrities do it and get away with it, it plays down the situation when in fact sex scandals, sexual abuse and domestic violence are real issues that need to be addressed. I think once people see these celebrities whom we “admire” receiving consequences for their actions, it could have a positive effect on young people and make them realize that these crimes are truly not okay. Because celebrities are so public and their every move is watched, I think their actions can say and teach us a lot about what’s wrong and right.


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