Whats sex got to do with… Eminem

A couple of weeks ago, Eminem’s new song “Vegas” leaked and one of the lyrics were a threat to Iggy Azalea. That lyric went like this –


“Put that shit away Iggy. You don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me / Scream! I love it. ‘Fore I get lost with the gettin’ off,”

To me, this perpetuates rape culture across the world. Many young people listen to big named rappers music and closely pay attention to the lyrics, a lot of the time memorizing the majority of the words. These lyrics said here, along with many others in the rap environment make it seem like it is okay for men to dehumanize young ladies as they grow up.  It makes the world a less safe place because it gives people the idea that if woman have  sexualized bodies or dress with less clothing than the norm that they are asking for something to happen to them, or they are making it okay to be harassed by men. Making it there fault if they are harassed or assaulted.


Although this is not on a college setting, it can be related to Kathleen Bogle’s sexual double standard, which she explains as the unfairness that men have when it comes to being judged by society on how sexual they may dress or act.  What response do you think a female rapper would have received if she were to say something like this about a males body part? Eminem received a lot of negative feedback from the females in society such as this —

“I thought Eminem had three daughters, at one of whom who was the light of his life…”

But have also received some comments from men, such as below, a commenter from mic.com.

“Just because someone said it in a rap song doesn’t mean that’s how they actually think or feel. Clearly you don’t understand Eminem’s music, or artistic intent in general, and probably not the gender politics you so self-importantly trumpet” (Bryan Dawkins).

Maybe the commenter is right in saying that he does not actually think or feel what his lyrics are talking about.  But, he is not the only factor.  There are many rape cases going on around in college campuses.  What type of music do you hear when you go to a party? These lyrics could play a large role as to why these students may be going out and sexually assaulting people in any way.

This does not just pertain to the college campus.  Thinking back in the semester when we learned about domestic violence with Donna Ferrato and how many people are experiencing domestic violence behind closed doors.  Eminem throughout his career has shown all sorts of violence/harassment towards woman in his entertainment, and society has noticed.  It is making it okay for men to use abuse as an outlet for their anger; “if Eminem can do it, I can do it too” becomes the mindset of many.  As the campaign “I am unbeatable states, “Everyone has the right to live free of violence”.  So let’s raise awareness and help all people that may go through sexual or domestic violence. We need a voice for the younger generations saying that not everything you hear and see on the radio/television will make you “cool”; so let’s make more positive steps and leave the negativity behind.


4 thoughts on “Whats sex got to do with… Eminem

  1. I agree that we need a voice for the younger generations. In my opinion having a voice will not solve the problem. Male dominance is the problem, and until we can figure out how to control male dominance, woman will continue to be treated as if they’re worthless and only good for a nut. So how do we control male dominance?


  2. I completely agree with your argument that Eminem is perpetuating violence against women, which plays into cultures of sexual assault and rape. Objectively, Eminem is extremely talented. He is very good at what he does, and like commenter Brian Dawkins claims, most of his songs are not about assaulting women. That being said, the casualness in which these one line misogynistic nightmares are present is extremely disturbing.


  3. You are completely correct. Eminem is perpetuating violence and almost making a mockery of women who try and fight back, by telling Iggy she can scream for help but he will like it. I think that he is addressing things he saw growing up but rather than try and fix these issues, he sings about them. He may be against these actions but by singing about them, he just perpetuates rape culture.


    • I think that we need to take into consideration what Eminem grew up with. From a sociologist view, we need to look at the circumstances he saw when he was younger. Maybe he doesn’t value Iggy in some ways. Maybe Eminem envys her in a way, because he feels as if he is getting mocked. Eminem might be very wise in some aspects, and maybe street smart, but I agree that him making these derogatory remarks were not necessary. However, I do not believe that this should define his personality.


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