What Does Sex have to do with South Park

south park

In an episode of South Park called “Sexual Healing”, the main idea of the episode is the belief that men were suffering from a sex addiction that caused them to cheat on their wives, and the sex addiction came from an alien figure spreading the disease in capital hall. All the sex shops visits, the jacking off, internet porn, and strip clubs visits were all because of the disease that the alien was spreading to young men and middle-age men. They believed that if they hunted down the alien, which never really existed, they would be cured of their disease.
This episode plays into the idea presented in Orgasm Inc. that there is a sexual standard and if someone does not meet the standard then something is wrong with them. It is equivalent because the women in the video had trouble having an orgasm so society decided to try and fix the problem with medication and in the episode of South Park these men just happened to have a hyperactive sex-drive so to the rest of society, they were diseased and could be cured. Another connection is the fact that this episode brings light to the fact that when men cheat or sleep with multiple women, there has to be a scientific reason for it; however, if a woman does it, there is no leeway for her. In the episode it presents ideas that alcohol and drugs and the lack of self-control plays a role in their hypersexual activity, but in each scenario those options were said to be wrong, but it was the fact they got caught. It was bought back to the scientific reason of the infectious alien. This episode also plays into rape culture because with it being a widely circulated television show, it normalizes hypersexual activity with external factors (alcohol and drugs) as long as you avoid getting caught.
Do you think that media and television normalize sexual violence or sexual inequalities?
Do you think media and television would still be entertaining without violence ?


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