What’s Sex Got To Do With….Marriage, Religion and hookup culture?

Growing up as a jewish boy, in a jewish community, with jewish friends, norms and customs were put on me at an early age that I never realized until now. Fast forward to my sophomore year in college and my ideals and beliefs have drastically changed thanks to the wide variety of friends and people I have met. I was supposed to marry a jewish girl and have a couple kids with her and send them to a jewish elementary school, hebrew school, and then have them have a bar or bat mitzvah. These expectations seemed to be reasonable as that life sounded like something I could do. Something changed however in my thinking when I got to high school. I started experiencing new things, and had an urge to try these things. Suddenly, I didn’t want an ideal jewish life, I wanted a life in which I would love and cherish and with that I decided to broaden my scope and be more open to possibilities I never believed were possible.

How does all of this relate to sex? To start, growing up has taught me that I don’t need to go searching for things I may feel missing in my life and just enjoy the things that are present. Speaking for most of my generations people, I can say that this hookup culture that many speak of has a lot to do with the idea that we are not necessarily looking to settle down any time soon and find someone that our parents would accept. Rather, trying to find who we are as people and letting the other things such as girlfriends and dating happen on there own. The hookup culture is less about having less time to date, and more about keeping our lives simple and not being someone we’re not.


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