What’s Sex Got to do with…Nick Jonas?

Nick Jonas has come into popularity once again. All of our inner sixth graders squealed when those magazine pictures came out…you know which ones.

BUT we’re not here to talk about the pictures

When his CD came out, I will admit that I rushed to Spotify to hear it. And the songs are catchy…but there’s something wrong when you actually listen to the music.
Let’s start with the most famous song: Jealous
In the song Jonas describes his girlfriend who is beautiful so other men stare at her, and naturally he is jealous. But then Nick turns the jealousy around on the girl.

I don’t like the way he’s looking at you
I’m starting to think you want him too
Am I crazy, have I lost ya?
Even though I know you love me, can’t help it

Nick blames the girl for all the guys staring at her, and even accuses her of enjoying everyone gawking at her. He’s equating his girlfriend to a pretty object that everyone wants, but only he can have her and that makes him feel powerful. Girls are told that they should feel flattered when a boy gets jealous, because he’s just expressing his interest in her. But when a girl is jealous then she is crazy and too caught up in the relationship (i.e Taylor Swift)

In another one of Nick’s songs “Take Over” he says

I can tell that you’re a real bad girl
Underneath it all
You never want to let me see the dark side
Go and let it show

This enforces the concept we talked about earlier in the year with the binary in women—they must be either a good girl or a bad girl. Usually girls are expected to be good girls with a bad girl interior (lady in the streets, freak in the sheets).

So what do you think? Do some artists get away with these socially incorrect lyrics if they are clouded with catchy tunes? Or are these songs just personas put on by the artists even if they don’t believe it?
(Btw, his album is actually pretty decent if you excuse the songs mentioned above)

2 thoughts on “What’s Sex Got to do with…Nick Jonas?

  1. For sure I think that the lyrics are clouded by the overall catchiness of the song. The way music is nowadays, artists get away with a lot, especially lyrics because of how the the song is received generally and how much it sells. Music is often about provocative topics because I feel that it is the easiest to sing about. However, I do disagree with you calling the song essentially indecent because it contains lyrics that are somewhat sexual- I don’t really see anything wrong with the lyrics, he’s expressing his emotion, thoughts, and views on the girl.


  2. Nick is really attractive due to his sexual characteristics. I think he does get away with these acts because of who he is. He is hot, and can sing. Its all about identity. He gets away with certain things that other people couldn’t pull off.


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