Double Standards- Reflection

The most influential concept to understanding the relationship between sex and society is the double standards. We make sexual decisions both male and female based off out morals. And theses morals are made though what society’s standards called double standards. There are things that males can do that females can’t do and there are things that females can do that males can’t do. There are more things that females can’t do compared to the things that males can’t do. Males can do just about anything they want. Their sexual activity is encouraged and they are ask to be as sexual as they can. On the other hand, females are asked to stay in a box and not be very sexual because they will be labeled as a “slut” or “hoe”. I find this unfair because females are being monitored by people they could really care less about but because it’s a judgment made by society, it’s a hard line to cross or their reputations will be bad. Do you agree? If so, do you think it is important for a girl to just keep her sex life on the down low?

You think girls aren’t really required not to have sex but to keep their sex life a secret? Will that change things? At the end of the day, it would be wrong for her to say she is a virgin. Or is it? Her lying about her sex life to keep a good reputation shouldn’t hurt anyone right?

If a girls has sex with 12 guys and a guys has sex with 12 girls and these two meet, but she tells him that she is virgin, will that be immoral? I find it fair considering that she has to choose between having no sex life to having one but hiding it.

Sex and society lives off the double standard. People make decisions when it comes to sex based off the double standards. Me being a Christina, I feel as though I’m in a constant compete with the double standard. Am I waiting till marriage or am I not trying to break the double standard code? Race, religion, and culture all help to make up someone’s morals when it comes to sex. Society just seems to push against those morals slightly because at the end of the day, we all (most) want sex. No matter who you are, we all (most) want sex in some shape, size, or form. We all want to be pleased and appreciated. “We all want love.”

Is there a way of breaking the double standard? If not, why do we creep around it? No one wants to be judged but we all want to be happy and make our own decisions so we can have our own identities. Sex and society live off the double standard whether we see it or not.


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