We all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what about other places? Is Vegas the only place where people go to ‘play’? Why is Vegas such a popular spot for tourists? I bet it isn’t just for the lights and shows…

Las Vegas, as well as other glitzy tourist locations are well-known for their nightlife. So what exactly is it about the night time that gets people so excited? Why do we always go ‘out’ at night? Is it the glam? The sex appeal? The drinks? Why does nothing seem to start until 9 PM or even later?

This sparked some curious thoughts from me regarding what exactly goes on after dark, and why it is so alluring to people of all different ages? Although it isn’t always like this, most nightlife venues are smoky rooms filled with people out to socialize, have fun, throw a few drinks back, and… leave with someone??? What does going out on Friday night to the bars have to do with sex? Everything.

This whole concept of dressing up and going out to clubs or bars definitely plays in to several concepts we’ve discussed this semester. Sexual objectification, hookup culture, and male dominance come to mind when thinking of a young, pretty girl going out with her girlfriends to a Broadway honky tonk. She’s all dressed up, hair straightened, eye lashes an inch long, and lipstick to boot. Skin tight dress, boobs up, ass out, thigh-high suede boots, and she’s ready for the night. How does the way women dress create a sexual script for the men to play into and sometimes take advantage of? It all has to do with objectification and dressing for the men. Women (and men as well) dress up and go out to get noticed. By doing so, sometimes it leads to a more sexual vibe, which can be read wrong and could end up leading to way more than expected. The way someone simply dresses could take a night out on the town with the girls and turn it into something way different, which could eventually lead to a hookup, if willing, or sexual harassment.

It’s no surprise that hooking up is happening at bars, clubs, discos, what have you. It’s part of the vibe. Society has told us that by dressing up and being fun and flirty it’s only natural that guys come and hit on you. A couple more drinks, you’re feeling good, getting to know him, and suddenly willing to do anything he wants. The presence of alcohol, much like in college settings, plays into this hookup culture within the bars and nightlife venues everywhere. The lights are dim, the music’s too loud, you can’t really tell how much you’re drinking, and suddenly you’re done for. You wake up the next morning, put on his baseball cap, and walk barefoot down to his car, carrying your suede boots from the night before.

I like to have a martini.

Two at the very most.

Three I’m under the table.

Four I’m under the host. – Dorothy Parker

Going back to the way people dress, it’s important to know the reasoning why you put on that skin-tight come-fuck-me dress. It all has to do with pleasing the men. No, the dress isn’t comfortable. It’s sucking, pulling, and squeezing every inch of skin around your body. It doesn’t matter, though. That’s what all the guys want to see. We are living in a society where you can’t go out without high heels, skin tight clothes, and a charming smile to top it all off. Women are being forced to play into this male-dominant script in order to feel accepted. Every girl wants the guys all over her, right?

Another thing that can be to blame for the over-sexualized vibe clubs and bars give off is the music being played in them. With derogatory, degrading, repulsive lyrics it’s no wonder we’re the way we are. This is the music we’re listening to. This is the role model our kids have to look up to.

We bout to have a party (turn the music up)
Let’s get it started (Go head shake your butt)
I’m lookin for a girl with a body and a sexy strut
Wanna get it poppin baby step right up
Some girls they act retarded
Some girls are bout it bout it
I’m lookin for a girl
That will do whatever the fuck
I say everyday she be givin it up

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So here’s my demonstration
A peep show
Tonight my body’s an exhibition baby
Though it’s on display don’t be scared to
Touch It, It said so
So come and get it babe

Strum me like a guitar blow out my amplifier
When you hear some feedback keep going take it higher
Crank it up give it to me come on
Crank it up give it to me come on
I’m gonna feedback feedback 

– Janet Jackson, Feedback.

So, here’s the real question: what can we do as scholars to reverse this trend? Is there anything we can do at all? How will this trend and this objectification, hook-up cycle continue? How will it be in the future? What has to be done to stop it?


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