What does sex got to do with… my final thoughts?

Personally, the day the class attended Vanderbilt’s Fine Arts Gallery in Cohen Memorial Hall to discuss Donna Ferrato’s “I am Unbeatable” was extremely influential. This day we opened up conversation about power based violence and how there is a need for awareness on the subject to prevent the violence from continually happening.  Statistics show that over 4 million women are victims of power based violence.

Prior to taking this class I had no idea that power based violence was so prevalent in today’s society.   This day and the week following weeks that discussed sexual assault really opened my eyes.  I realized that I was totally ignorant to what was happening in the world around me.  I realized I needed to start paying more attention to the signs around me and need to raise awareness to other people that were like me before I took this class.

Sex plays a large role in how people are living their lives; it may allow people pure bliss or unfortunately having people live in fear.   This is where people need to start stepping in to help people who are undergoing these violent acts and living in fear to fight back and know that they can make it through the terrible times.  According to Ferrato’s demonstration, the police force is now more willing to help and believe what is going on because new generation police officers are coming in with different mind sets.   Not only that, but protection programs are being created specifically for this cause.

“Everyone has the right to live free of violence” is one of the slogans for the “I am unbeatable” campaign and I fully support what they are trying to say.

One may think that these abusers are mainly lower class, but it is happening a lot in the popular world, many celebrities seem to becoming abusive. Athletes, Actors, etc,. Many of these people are getting away with what they have done and are able to continue living their lives like they have in the past. To me, this is telling people that are looking up to these celebrities that it is okay to abuse woman.  These young people are seeing them on television living a successful life while beating their wives or girlfriends.  This perpetuates power based violence because it makes it look like the violence is a part of the life you must live if you become rich and famous.

Would you say the same?

What other ways do you think can help make awareness for power based violence and help prevent it?

I think it starts with the parents at a young age.  The parents should be implementing how to treat a female with kindness and respect and show that that is the only way to treat a woman.  That way when these children see it on television from the celebrities they do not think it is okay to mimic.

Finally, if they were to see it happening around them in real life they will be able to distinguish it as violence so they can report it.

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