What Does Sex Have To Do With… College Athletics

Sexual assault and rape is something that occurs more often than anyone would like, especially on college campuses. Every few or so weekends, it seems as if there has been an attempted rape or attempted sexual assault and we all receive an email about it. Whether these events are intentional or not, they happen often and everyone on campus knows something about it. But how about when the college student happens to be a star college football player who happens to have name that graces ESPN daily- especially this time of year. Jameis Winston, the star quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles who also serves as a pitcher on the baseball team, has dealt with a myriad of allegations and has played through controversy seemingly his entire college career.

Now in the middle of a conduct code hearing with the NCAA while his Seminoles are hunting down their second National title in a row, Winston was lucky enough to have not been charged with the sexual assault of a female acquaintance in 2012. No charges could have been pressed because of lack of evidence. Being that Jameis Winston is such a public figure in the sports world, he has the ultimate spotlight on him. Every time he makes a mistake, it is out for the entire world to see, as we have the luxury of ESPN to give us updates by the minute. Because college athletes are on such tight figurative leashes, you hear a lot of sexual assault and attempted rape charges on athletes across the country. In my opinion, if there is any inkling of a sexual felony associated with an athlete, the case will be brought down hard. Athletes in college represent so much more for a school than non- athletes, as they represent all staff, coaches, as well as their teammates.


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