What Does Sex Have To Do With… Gay Marriage on TV

Recently, I watched a commercial and I thought to myself, wow that would be perfect for a blog post! Well, here I am writing it. Although it is a very quick moment in the the one minute video, and it took some reflecting after I watched it to actually understand what was going on, there is a scene that encapsulates gay marriage. The commercial is that of an Android phone, however this isn’t really relevant as I thought deeper into the meaning of the commercial. The commercial is called “I do”, and it has been taken off of YouTube, but I was somehow able to find it under an alias of an iPhone 6 commercial.

The commercial depicts people of different races, religions, countries, ethnicities and so on, going through the process of marriage in their mosques, churches, temples, and one couple even got married atop a mountain. It was a very powerful and moving commercial indeed. However while all these heterosexual couples are getting married in lavish situations among hundreds, or so it seemed, of loved ones, the image of the gay couple getting married was striking and didn’t leave my mind for a while after the commercial had ended. There they were, two men, hand in hand by themselves and smiling at each other as they walked into City Hall. They had no one by their sides, no lavish church, no celebration, as if they had to legitimize their bond in secret. It in a way saddened me, and to be honest, I hadn’t looked at gay marriage in such a way before. just because gay marriage is allowed in some states, doesn’t mean that their rights and options for marriage are exactly the same as the rights appropriated to a heterosexual couple that wishes to be wed. I am not entirely sure if the ideas that ran through my head after the commercial was something the editor wanted to instill in the commercials audience, but I don’t doubt that subliminal messages in media exist, and are meant to leave audiences thinking.


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