What’s Sex Got to do With Being a Black Man?

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What’s sexy got to do with being a black man? Sex has a lot to do with being a black man, and the most common characteristics are the different stereotypes. Being a black man is the strongest identity that I have, and it’s what the world sees me as. The most common stereotype when it comes to sex and a black man is if you’re black you have a huge penis. Another stereotype that I personally get connected to is having a lot of girls. For example, in high school I use to eat lunch at a table with all women and some random guy said to me one day, “Damn you eat lunch with all girls man you really have the girls.”  In James Dean article “Straight Men,” he states, “Race is always central in the construction of Jason’s heterosexual masculinity. He says that his black racial identity positions him with an array of racial stereotypes that convey a secure, straight identity. Whether it’s women acquaintances jokingly inferring he has a large penis, male friends insinuating he’s good at basketball, or male friends assuming that his associations with women are sexual, his black racial identity carries a sense of exaggerated masculinity and therefore heterosexuality (Straight Men).

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Why do black people have these different stereotypes tied to themselves? Is it because of race, or is there another reason?  Even today I still have stereotypes that I face and honestly these stereotypes are getting annoying. For instance, a female on campus asked me “Do you only like white girls?” I responded “No lol why?” she then went on and said “I thought all black athletes on campus only like white girls.” How would you feel if a random person came up to you and asked you some off the wall type of shit like this?

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