What’s Sex got to do with…. Danny Glover?

“Okay, cool, okay, bool, I love her; I’mma save her, yes, like Danny Glover; I’mma call my partner ‘fore; I fuck her mother; I pass them a molly, now they kiss each other; Every time I fuck I gotta hit me least like two bitches; For that dope he whipped, you need a new wrist; Foreign car outside, that bitch got two digits; Money stand like eight feet just like two midgets.”

Young Thug’s song Danny Glover really addresses one of the major double standards in our society: this it is okay for guys to sleep with multiple girls, but when roles are reversed and girls have multiple partners, they are called sluts.  Young women’s sexual desire is still not considered an anchor for their sexuality; dressed in heels thongs and short skirts, in the end, it is desire for relationships that is what girls are supposed to have (Tolman 155).  But why not have young men think the same?  Without understanding or acceptance that girls too have and are entitles to sexual feelings, this double standard will not go away.

Here’s the video to check out:


In the remix to Danny Glover, Young Thug brings in Nicki Minaj, the love of my life, and she brings up a very important topic in the ending of her verse: “Hell of a ticket, hell of a price; I want it, I get it, I wire the money, I never think twice; I am not gay, but lesbi precise; Cause if she pretty, then watch it cause I’mma be fuckin’ ya wife.”

This adds the developing tension surrounding sexual identity and sexual orientation.  The “good girl” is assumed to be straight; heteronormativity in this case is considered normal and right.  In Nicki Minaj’s verse she is paralleling her life with sexual fluidity, meaning that she has some shifts and changes when she is sexually attracted to who she would want to have sexual experiences with, and in this came is just might be your wife!


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