What’s sex got to do with… Project Safe?

A few weeks ago, two representatives from the Project Safe Center on campus came in to talk to us about their work here on campus. Project Safe is an organization on Vanderbilt’s campus that is working to prevent all types of power-based personal violence. This includes sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and identity-based targeting. Project Safe hopes to help those affected by power-based personal violence by answering questions, connecting members of the Vanderbilt community with on and off-campus resources, and more. The Project Safe Hotline is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to speak with any victims of abuse or assault. I think this is organization is a great resource on Vanderbilt’s campus. I feel that with hook-up culture being such a prominent part of the social scene in colleges today, having a resource like this is very beneficial and extremely necessary. We have studied some pretty wild statistics regarding sexual assault on college campuses. According to research, one in five female students will be assaulted during their four years of college. This is an incredibly high number on any scale.

Project Safe is a great resource because with sexual assaults occurring more frequently than maybe expected, it’s comforting to know there are people out there who are there to provide support and guidance. An amazing part of Project Safe is the fact that there are only two women working for this organization. One woman is on call twenty four hours a day to help any student who needs it. The Project Safe Center is a great start to helping and working to stop assault on campus, however, with assault numbers being so high—I wish the center could be expanded and more publicized. It’s incredible the number of presentations the women of Project Safe have done in just one month… I certainly believe Project Safe is in the works of becoming even more known than it already is.

How do you feel having more advertisement of the Project Safe Center would affect Vanderbilt’s campus when it comes to sexual assault? Do you think it would be beneficial for Project Safe to talk to all freshman students when they first come to school?