Hooking Up

Since when did people start using the term “hooking up”? For as long as I can remember, people have used the phrase “hooking up” to refer to having a sexual encounter with another person. On the other hand, neither of my parents had heard of it before my generation. Where did the word even come from? To start, I think the term may have been developed to give people the luxury of being vague about a sexual experience. As younger and younger people started having some type of sexual experience earlier and earlier in life, a maturity issue must have been developing. These boys or girls are not at the age where they are comfortable talking about the actions that they are performing. This lack of maturity was the reason the word hooking up was even made.

The word eventually blew up into a term used on a daily bases. It would be hard for a sentence to be said without using the word hooking up. Nowadays, hooking up is one of the most talked about things on college campuses. The consequences however are what needs to be talked about. Hooking up made definitions and sexual acts so vague that interpretations can be made from extreme to boring. False rumors get spread that can make a girl regret trusting anyone. The world hooking up is dangerous to the mental health of teens.

To further understand hooking up, I think who we “hook up” with needs to be talked about. In most cases, heteronormative stances occupy the social aspect that is hooking up. Thus, shaming and diminishing the queer movement. Homophobic tendencies controlled the means in which hooking up was used, turning it into a danger. Hooking up never meant to be a word that sparked controversy into the gay community. Although people knew this, the LGBTQI community felt disrespected.

One thought on “Hooking Up

  1. I first heard “hooking up” back when I was in my 20s (I’m 59 now) and it meant getting with someone or being involved in something and, yes, including sex. Since the term included things sexual, I’m not surprised that it found a “greater” use in what I’ll call “queer sex” as well as “normal” sex… but I’m not sure how it impacts the LGBTQ community and in a negative fashion because almost everyone hooks up in some kind of way – everyone gets involved with someone or something and if it’s sex or even sexuality related, well, there are those in our society who are too prudish – or too verbally lazy – to say “I’m going to meet Gwen so we can have sex” – it’s just easier to say “I’m gonna hook up with Gwen” and then give the reason… and it might not be sex and it might not have anything to do with sexuality.

    It’s the same thing as “getting with” someone; it can be sexual in nature… but it might not be. It can be a good thing, like, “I gotta get with Gwen to find out where the party is” or a bad thing as in “Gwen pissed me off and I’m gonna get with her!” or sexual as in “Ooh, yeah, I gotta get with that (meaning Gwen)!” and if the person saying this is another woman, well, so what? If anything, such phrases, like any colloquialisms in our language, are about context – how it’s used, when it’s used, stuff like that.

    I’m not saying that bad things can’t happen from hooking up or getting with someone but such things aren’t the sole purview of homosexuals; straight people can hook up with someone and have a bad experience from – here you go – getting with the wrong person at the wrong place or time.

    I’ve been bisexual for a damned long time so I’m no stranger to the LGBTQ world… but please explain why you feel that “hooking up” is shaming anyone who isn’t straight if you don’t mind.


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