Reflection on TIME magazine

As I reflected back on the experience I had in this class and all the new, enlightening information that I learned, it became clear that our last months focus on sexual assault really hit home with me.  Its weird however, as I or no one I know has ever been sexually assaulted.   What drew me close was the act that I had no knowledge at all on the subject and no idea of some of the things I was oblivious to while being at Vanderbilt.  Now that Ive taken this class, I believe everyone should have some type of education when it comes to sex and it makes us all do in society.  That being said, the TIMES magazine articles that we read about real people and their stories or opinions was the most specific aspect of our chapter on sexual assault that will stay with me the longest.

To begin with, many of the concepts talked about in the articles by TIME magazine were topics that I could personally relate to on a deeper level than some of the other ways the information was presented.  The articles focused solely on college campuses which allowed me to think of the time Ive spent at Vanderbilt.  Also, topics such as fraternities, which is a very big deal at a school like Vanderbilt, and athletics, because I play tennis for Vanderbilt were even more of a reason that I was drawn to the information.  Articles were written about how schools will do anything in their power to deny the fact that it has a sexual assault problem.  If an athlete commits a sexual crime, than the school’s athletic program is to blame because the athletic program has a sexual assault problem, not the school.  If a frat member rapes a girl, the fraternity system has a problem and thus sanctions thrown at only that fraternity occurs.  Other articles talked about different radical ideas such as shutting down fraternities, double standards, and just personal sexual assault experiences to spread the word about an ongoing problem that many people are unaware of.  These articles shed light on people in high positions looking out for themselves and not the betterment of the community at large.

Wrapping things up and reflecting back on the first day of class, I can say with complete honesty that my expectations of the course were completely different than the reality.  In this case, I was pleasantly surprised and learned more about our culture that we live in as college students and also human nature when it comes to sexual urges.  At the end of the day, experiences are what matter most.

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