What Does Sex Have To Do With… Good Girls ?

The virginal good girls is always seen as respectable and “tamed”; while the sexy bad girl is promiscuous and slutty. Guys that get a lot of girls are seen as cool guys, but guys that don’t are lame. Women are reprimanded for being sexually active, while boys are praised. It almost gives the insinuation that once a girl has given up her virginity to guy, she is now property. In society it is valuable, and losing it the wrong way can label a girl as desperate. In the light of guys, they are encouraged to have sex as early as possible. It even comes down to the point of women being ridiculed and criticized for dating younger men, while for men, especially on college scenes, it is perfectly fine. Women are labelled cougars, but what are guys called ? Women’s sexual engagement also plays a role in the work place. If a woman is hyper sexual, she is less likely to get the job. It could be based off of the idea that she will sleep with all of the workers, or that she will bring problems to the work place, or even be pregnant and unable to work; whereas a guy’s sexual involvement has nothing to do with whether he gets a job or not. This idea of the double standard plays a role in capital feminino, where a woman who is a virgin is more valuable and respected than a woman who is not.
This picture is a prime example because it brings to light the stigma that men are allowed to be sexual but women cannot because it realy all comes down to question if you are a slut or a man .

What do you think has to be done in order to change the stigma ?

2 thoughts on “What Does Sex Have To Do With… Good Girls ?

  1. I really enjoyed this post and felt it related a lot to the double standard that exists in this society. As a response to your question, I believe that we have a long way to go for that this double standard to be eliminated. I think historically, men have been applauded for multiple lovers, while women are expected to remain pure for the male. Although very unequal and discriminatory, I believe that this aspect of society is going to be very difficult to change in a recent time.


  2. Yeah I think a lot of it goes back to men wanting a “lady in the streets, and a freak in the bed.” I guess there’s just something attractive about a woman having never been touched. The idea of the innocent virgin goes back as cultures have existed I think. Double standards are the worst, but I think a lot of it (like the marrying a virgin thing) are just so deep rooted that it will be really hard to change the stigma.


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