What does sex have to do with intimacy?


At the beginning of this class, I was not aware of a lot of the topics that we covered. Some of the concepts and topics were mind blowing and made me look at things from a different perspective. Some of the discussions we had were very interesting and some were hard to think about and elaborate on. Topics such as intimacy were one of the discussions I had no problem talking about. Seeing as though I am a sucker for love, I have experience in that area. Intimacy was the most important discussion and was influential to me. I say that because it covers some of the basics when it comes to finding the real definition of love.







The intimacy chapter of the book was very intriguing and held my attention more than the other things we talked about. The chapter hits on different subjects under intimacy such as romantic love and shopping for love – detailing information about finding love on online dating sites. These are my favorite topics. I love talking about love and how it is a challenge. In the introduction of intimacies, they talk about how intimacy is portrayed within a marriage and family. They talk about how intimacy basically makes up a marriage and how it has to be included in the marriage before it can be considered a marriage. Society has created its’ own ideas about intimacy in that it is a must in relationships. Even in a family, things like sexuality, love, companionship, and parenthood are all under the intimate label. So if there is not intimacy in a marriage, is it really considered a marriage? I think not. I think all the things that make up the word intimacy are needed in a marriage. Showing love in a marriage is a must-have. Showing that you love a person can be displayed sexually and society calls that making love.


The other topic under intimacy that I liked was shopping for love. This one was one that I could relate to. Online dating puts a spin on love. People feel like they can find their soul mate from these sites. This can be considered buying love and can almost be portrayed as a form of prostitution. These sites sell themselves by making it seem like anybody can do it and that it’s considered a norm. Well this norm can make or break a person. I feel that a person is taking a risk of a lifetime. I believe that people are putting their hearts on the line to get hurt. Facebook has gotten a lot of people hurt when it comes to finding love online. Shows such as Catfish display how meeting a person online and basically having a relationship is dangerous and unsafe. This show proves that when using online sites people can either find love or get hurt in the process because people on Facebook can be whoever they want to be without you knowing who they really are. So, these sites cause a lot of people to get their feelings hurt and not trust the word love anymore.


I really enjoyed this class and really recommend this class for freshmen. The class covers a lot of information that can be useful. I really learned a lot from this class and wish I could take it again just to hear and discuss some of the topics again. Intimacy is a part of me because I put my all into my relationships. Even though I’m not marriage now, being romantic and showing intimacy can extend your marriage for a long time. However, buying love is not an option. I think love should come naturally. That way, you won’t waste your time trying to find your soul mate.

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