What does sex have to do with Tinder?


What ever happened to meeting people the old fashioned way? What happened to men simply approaching women in public? What ever happened to love at first sight? These are questions I ask myself when it comes to shopping for love. People nowadays depend on dating sites to find the love of their lives. However, is this the way to go? Could a match made online really represent true love? How can someone determine that they have found “the one” by simply viewing a couple of pictures and a bio? These are the risks a lot of people are taking because they think meeting someone over the Internet saves them from the physical rejection when they try to talk to people face to face.



Tinder is one of the most used dating applications on the market in today’s society. A lot of people try to find a quick date or a quick hook up online. This is some people’s primary reason for using Tinder. However, that can be a problem for others who are really trying to find their soul mate. In the section called ‘hopping for Love’ it talks about online dating and how it represents a spectacular change in the process of finding partners, and provides more efficient ways for people to meet their relationship needs, but it has yet to transform prevailing ideas about intimate relationship (211). I agree with this statement. I also think that dating sites take the so-called value out of a relationship. Every time you use these sites, you are putting your feelings at risk because you don’t know if the other person’s intentions are the same as yours. Shopping for love can be a hit or miss for someone depending on what the person is looking for. A person can benefit from using Tinder or any other dating site because it could be a convenient way for someone to find others who match their relationship interests. On the other hand, a person can have a bad experience by meeting individuals who have ill intentions. This could totally jade that person’s perspective on dating and on internet sites such as Tinder. Tinder could have been created for several different reasons. In my opinion, it is a quick way of hooking up. I honestly do not think that many relationships are developed or discovered from using dating websites. The term ‘hooking up’ directly relates to sex. People in this day and age hook up to get a quick sexual thrill with no strings attached. With this in mind, I think that Tinder is used primarily as an easy route for people to find others to ‘hook up’ with. Although this may not have been the intentions of the creator of Tinder, people have misused the website for their personal sexual gain. Therefore, it is evident that Tinder has a direct connection to sex.




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