What’s Sex Got To Do With… Boy Bands?

Young girls feed off of boy bands. It’s like their afternoon snack — a hot pepper with a side of sweet chocolate milk. Okay, that sounds gross, but you know what I mean: they’re simultaneously attractive and nice. So, why do people frown upon fangirls?


Children and teens, especially girls, are made fun of for their boy-band crushes. They are ostracized at school and considered losers. Why? What’s wrong with this?

There is safety in boy bands. They allow young girls to safely develop crushes on respectable men. They listen to sweet songs that tell them they’re beautiful and how much they are loved. They are cuddled by the melodious tunes and comforting words. Girls are developing their personalities and sexualities. Similarly, boys are developing their desires with the help of their hormones. Let’s face it: young boys are horny creatures.

Why should girls have to deal with that? If they are just learning about their sexuality, why should they automatically jump into an environment where boys might be pressuring them to do something they’re not comfortable with? Answer: they shouldn’t.

These cliché pop songs send the message to girls that they are important and loved for who they are — not for their bodies or what they can do in bed. If you’ve heard One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful,” you know what I’m talking about. Who wouldn’t seek solace in these songs? Not only do the songs send out good messages, but also the boys in the band constantly prove that they are good guys. They don’t have criminal records, use drugs, or abuse women mentally, physically, and sexually. They have good track records. They are a good example to base your current or future desires after. Girls should want to be with boys who will respect her and not use her for her body, which is what many other songs express.

What’s wrong with being a fangirl? If you ask me I think it’s a pretty damn good way to know what you want in a future partner or how you should be treated

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