What’s Sex Got to do With…Children’s Movies

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Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks…we’ve all sat through countless kid’s movies (sometimes by ourselves). And sometimes we enjoy the little more than PG jokes they put in to go over the kids’ heads. But children’s movies are still very lacking in their diversity (we just got a black Disney princess within the last 5 years). And when it comes to portraying LGBTQI identities, some parents say it’s too “inappropriate” to show to young kids…but is that just an excuse?

Many parents are against showing homosexual couples (don’t even think about Trans* folk being represented) on shows and movies aimed towards children. Many claim it would be “confusing” to children and would ruin their train of thought. The Jungle Book was my personal favorite movie growing up…and I did not go through the world thinking a talking panther and bear were going to show up and be best friends with me. Children are smarter than adults give them credit for. Just because a child sees two men or two women kissing doesn’t mean they’re going to automatically start kissing every child they meet…the parent might have to explain to the child, in simplified terms, the spectrum of relationships but all of it will be in the interest of the child.

My honest opinion? I believe the only reason some parents don’t want their children to see homosexual couples is because they don’t agree with it. If any parent who was supporting of LBGTQI life wouldn’t care whether the movie their kid was watching featured two men or two women or a man and a woman. A parent should care more about the corrupted world their child is currently living in rather than an animated movie.

Do you think that parents against gay characters in shows/movies are making excuses for their secret homophobia? Or do you agree with them?


One thought on “What’s Sex Got to do With…Children’s Movies

  1. I completely agree with this. Children are shown fantasy movies and sci-fi movies, but they can’t be shown same-sex or non-hetero couples? Yeah, that makes sense. The heteronormative culture we live in teaches people, especially young children, that boy-girl couples are what’s “normal.” The Disney movies children are shown further exemplify this phenomenon. From what children are being shown, I wouldn’t be surprised if future generations begin to think that same-sex couples are the true monster or fantasy aspect in movies and shows.


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